OSU's Meyer says UM rivalry at heightened level

The Detroit News

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer says the rivalry with Michigan is on the front burner, fueled by the hiring of Jim Harbaugh as Wolverines coach.

In an interview with the Columbus Dispatch, the Ohio State coach said Harbaugh's arrival has added a spark to the annual encounter, which OSU has won 10 of the last 11 times. Meyer is 3-0 against UM. The teams meet Nov. 28 at Michigan Stadium.

"I think from the fans' perspective, it is kind of cool," Meyer told the Dispatch. "They've got a guy that's won at (the University of) San Diego, won at Stanford and won in the pros. He's a very good coach.

"I think our staff is certainly aware of Coach Harbaugh's history. Any time the adversary has quality people in there, you're aware of everything they're doing and their work. I don't know if (the rivalry) is ratcheted up. I think aware is the appropriate word. We're certainly aware and want to make sure we're staying on top of our business."

After a UM-produced recruiting flier surfaced comparing passing game coordinator Jedd Fisch's years coaching to those of OSU wide receivers coach Zach Smith, the rivalry's antipathy shifted to the Twittersphere.

Smith tweeted: "Check my Resume … and if it's confusing … Check my live resume next November. It will be the same resume as the last 3 Novembers."

The OSU assistant coach refused to leave it there. He tweeted photos of Meyer and Harbaugh, one of his boss holding aloft the football-shaped national championship trophy and the other of the UM coach shirtless clutching a real football above his head at one of his satellite camps.

Smith tweeted: "There are two types of people in the world …"