Foster: Jalen Rose plans to tell Fab Five story in book

Terry Foster
The Detroit News

Detroit — Jalen Rose is not done telling the Fab Five story.

During the Jalen Rose Golf Outing at Detroit Golf Club on Monday, Rose said he has spent the last year-and-a-half writing a book called “Got to Give the People What They Want.”

While he didn’t provide specifics, Rose said he wants to make sure the truth comes out about the Fab Five, who took college basketball by storm in the early 1990s at Michigan.

Rose and his teammates — Ray Jackson, Jimmy King, Juwan Howard, Chris Webber — led Michigan to the national championship games in 1992 and 1993. But after a scandal that rocked the university and an ESPN documentary on the Fab Five, Rose and Webber, boyhood friends, have not spoken in years.

Rose said he invited Webber to participate in the documentary, but Webber said he was invited as an afterthought.

He insists the book, which will be released Oct. 6, will not be a dig at Webber.

“You will see when it comes out,” Rose said. “(Webber) is my brother. It’s no slight or dis.”

Rose said he wishes Webber still were part of his inner circle, but believes they will patch up their differences.

“I unite,” Rose said. “When you have a fractured relationship you hope that time heals all wounds. I think that will be the case. It does bother me but I think we will find ways to mend fences.”

Only Webber and Howard (meetings with the Miami Heat, where he's an assistant) missed the golf outing.

Gores pitches in

Rose introduced himself to Pistons owner Tom Gores at a game last season, and said their relationship has continued to grow.

Gores has made several contributions to the Jalen Rose Academy, and was a sponsor of the golf outing that featured Chauncey Billups, Dave Bing, former Pistons player Willie Norwood and former NBA player Willie Burton.

“You need donors like that to step up and come to the table,” Rose said. “It is what they’ve done in coming to the table for scholarships, internships, apprenticeships and tickets to the game. They continue to build a great relationship and we’re glad to have them.”

Rose’s Academy is tuition-free and does not receive state aid.

Rose 'committed'

Rose’s involvement in education doesn’t surprise former coach Perry Watson, who always has pushed education.

Watson told a story about the time Rose got his first classes at Michigan. He believed Rose should be challenged more academically.

“Jalen is as committed as any person I’ve seen,” Watson said. “I am really proud of him.”