Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said he’d like to meet the Pope but doesn’t consider himself worthy. The Pope currently is in the United States making stops in Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia.

During his weekly appearance on the “Stoney and Bill Show” on 97.1, Harbaugh was asked about having that opportunity.

“I said I would love to meet the Pope, but I mean, I’m not worthy to meet the Pope, I’m not worthy to be under the same roof as our Pope,” Harbaugh said.

Show co-host Bill McAllister joked that the U.S. Congress is meeting him today.

“I don’t know if a lot of them are worthy,” McAllister said.

Harbaugh responded with a hearty laughter and “that’s a good one”.

McAllister then pointed out that Harbaugh is worthy.

“Just a football coach,” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh actually discussed more meatier subjects as the Wolverines continue preparations for Saturday’s game against No. 22 BYU.

“Good, good football team,” Harbaugh said of the Cougars. “Physical in all areas, really. Both lines, front seven on defense, physical on offense at all positions, especially receiver. Big physical, athletic receivers. We’re going to be tested dramatically in that area. In all areas, just a real good, athletic football team. It’s going to be an exciting game. I would think the players on both teams would be very excited to play in this game.”

Harbaugh said all games are tests.

“And this is a big one,” Harbaugh said. “Real big test and task for our football team, and our guys are preparing well for it.”

BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum drew plenty of praise and not just because of the two Hail Mary passes he threw to win the first two games against Nebraska, when he replaced injured quarterback Taysom Hill, and then Boise State.

“He’s good, really good,” Harbaugh said. “He’s cool in the pocket, he extends plays, he can scramble, can keep his eyes downfield and find receivers. He plays an exciting brand of quarterback.”

Here are a few other highlights:

■ Harbaugh on shutting down talk about quarterback Jake Rudock during Monday’s news conference: “I was asked. Responding to a question.”

■ On his general feelings about college coaches blocking transferring players from switching to specific schools (tight end Chris Clark, leaving UCLA, was referenced because he has been blocked from transferring to Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State): “Philosophically, I’ll answer that question some other time when it’s not attached to a specific person or event.”

■ On Ty Isaac’s 76-yard touchdown run against UNLV last Saturday: “The analogy we make is like, you sit down to eat a pizza and one guy takes your slice, so you just take his slice and before you know it everybody gets a slice and our blockers got on guys and Ty Isaac side-stepped a guy, broke off a tackle and stiff-armed and he was off to the races.”