Hoke wants more QB competition in next job

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Brady Hoke

Former Michigan coach Brady Hoke talked to Sports Illustrated about a number of topics, including his time at Michigan, his time away from coaching this year, and where he thinks he will be going forward.

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On his next coaching job: "I think the general scope would be hopefully be in a Power Five conference."

On his time away from coaching this season: "The quality of life that we've had this past six months, it's been nice. But it's time to get back."

On Michigan's transition to Jim Harbaugh: "Believe me, I thought we did a nice job of putting a program in place. With the success that Michigan is having right now, it reassures you that we had a plan."

On Hoke's comments that he would not have punted on fourth down on the final play against Michigan State: "I didn't say that to criticize Jim. I prefaced it by saying it's easy to comment three days later, as opposed to the heat of the moment."

On how he handled the quarterback situation at Michigan: "I think the takeaway is, and you can see it with some of these guys who've gone into jobs with ready-made quarterbacks. The thing I know at the next opportunity, we will recruit quarterbacks. We are going to recruit and evaluate and have more options than we may need so that we can really find a guy who is going to be what you want within your offense. The year we took took Shane (Morris), we probably should have taken another quarterback. Not that we didn't believe in Shane. Just for more numbers, more competition."

Note: Hoke's records at Michigan were 11-2 in 2011 with Denard Robinson as his quarterback, 8-5 in 2012 (Robinson / Devin Gardner during Robinson's injury), 7-6 in 2013 (Gardner) and 5-7 in 2014 (Gardner). Morris saw limited action in 2013 and 2014.

Ex-Michigan coach Brady Hoke: I wouldn't have punted