Glasgow: Rudock not one of UM's 'Mean Girls'

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Jake Rudock

Ann Arbor – Michigan center Graham Glasgow respects the maturity of quarterback Jake Rudock.

Apparently, so do the younger quarterbacks on the team.

"(They) call him 'dad,'" Glasgow said Monday. "He doesn't engage in the little jokes that the younger guys do, usually. He's all business, and that's what I really like about him."

Rudock earned the "dad" nickname because he doesn't participate in the more juvenile activities of the younger quarterbacks.

"The QBs are kind of like (the movie) 'Mean Girls,'" Glasgow said. "They talk about girls and stuff and they like gossip and Jake ... doesn't want to be bothered with that."

"Mean Girls" is the cleverly written comedy by Tina Fey in 2004 about female high school cliques and the affect they have on girls.

And for the record, Glasgow doesn't use the nickname when referring to Rudock.

"No," Glasgow said, feigning mock outrage, "I don't call him 'dad.' No. I'm older than him."

Graham Glasgow prepares to snap the ball to Jake Rudock in the BYU game.