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Ohio governor puts kibosh on khakis

The Detroit News

And on the day before The Game, the governor of Ohio decreed thou shalt not wear khakis.

Jim Harbaugh's khakis are the Ohio governor's latest target on rivalry week.

Yep, it's gotten that silly down south, according to a Cleveland.com report. Michigan and Ohio State play at noon Saturday at Michigan Stadium.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and Republican presidential hopeful, issued a resolution Friday instructing state residents not to wear the trousers of choice of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

Two years ago, Kasich banned the letter M during the week of Michigan-Ohio State rivalry.

In the Governor's Office Third Annual Scarlet Letter where the khaki resolution is proclaimed, all Ms are meticulously crossed out.

Part of it reads, "Whereas, another Ohio-born coach (Harbaugh was born in Toledo) makes his debut this year, bringing his own pleated sense of style to the sidelines, reportedly purchased at Wal-Mart for $8 a pair."

Buckle up ...