UM's Ryan Glasgow 'ahead of schedule' in recovery

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Ryan Glasgow

Orlando -- Michigan defensive lineman Ryan Glasgow was trying to tackle Rutgers quarterback Chris Laviano when his the pectoral muscle on his left side ripped off the bone, ending his season.

Glasgow went home to Illinois for surgery and his mother, an orthopedic surgeon whose specialty is elbows and shoulders, assisted. He is out of the immobilizer and will be in a sling another week.

"It's healing really well, ahead of schedule," Glasgow said, adding he will be allowed to start moving the shoulder next week.

With Glasgow out of the lineup the final three games, Michigan's defensive line struggled against up-tempo Indiana and Ohio State.

"You need some people to rotate," he said. "It's tough to ask a D-lineman to play every play against a team that's snapping the ball every 20 seconds. It was more of an issue of depth than indicative of the guys we have up front. You watch them play a slower tempo team, they still dominate. Playing Indiana, Ohio State, was just a tough matchup tempo-wise. Next year me and Bryan (Mone) will be back, and we're really excited about it."

One Glasgow is leaving Michigan, older brother, Graham, Michigan's starting center, but there's another Glasgow, Jordan, a freshman safety, on the roster.

"I do have a replacement for the older one," Ryan Glasgow said, laughing. "He's been waiting in the wings for this year, preparing himself to step up to the full brother role that Graham had assumed the past four years. It will be weird to be without him. Outside my senior year in high school, we've been in the same school our whole lives and on the same sports teams. I'm hoping the best for him and hopes he helps us win (Friday)."

Mone vs. Glasgow

Bryan Mone, who suffered a broken ankle in preseason camp that he said was heartbreaking, returned to practice two weeks ago, down 21 pounds to 309. He said he feels stronger and better and figures he will probably settle in at about 315 pounds.

Although he felt he could return by Penn State, Mone decided it would be best to not burn a redshirt. In bowl practices he's been going against center Graham Glasgow to prepare him for Florida's tough defensive front.

"Graham's getting a great look on the scout team help prepare for this game," Ryan Glasgow said.

Mone is working on his lower-body strength and is focused on preparing Glasgow.

"I feel faster – that what Graham Glasgow says," Mone said. "He can tell a lot of difference."

Gentry's tight end reviews

Freshman Zach Gentry, who is a shade under 6-7, arrived at Michigan as a quarterback and during bowl practices he's been working at tight end.

"It's not so bad," Gentry said. "I know what I'm doing because I'm a quarterback and I know where to line up. It's been dabbling thing, back and forth a little bit to use my athleticism and see what's going on.

"I don't know what direction it's really headed. I imagine I'll probably have the say at the end of the day. But if they want my athleticism in some places, we'll see."

He was asked if he's considered walking on to the basketball team.

"I've honestly thought about it," Gentry said, adding he has not spoken to UM coach John Beilein. "I played a lot of basketball growing up, AAU and stuff like that. That would be fun. I wouldn't mind trying it out."