Report: Face of disbelief nets donation for ChadTough

The Detroit News

Remember Michigan student Chris Baldwin? This might jog your memory — he's the guy with his mouth open and hands on his head after Michigan State recovered a fumbled punt and scored to win the game with no time left.

Chris Baldwin, whose distraught face became the symbol of Michigan's last-second loss to Michigan State, had a $500 donation given in his name to the ChadTough Foundation.

A T-shirt company in Cincinnati, Cincy Shirts, immediately produced a red shirt with Baldwin and his infamous pose as the "O" in Ohio, as in Ohio State. The shirt was dubbed "The Disappointment Up North".

The company, according to a report Tuesday on Cincinnati.com recently sent Baldwin some of Cincinnati's finest offerings — Skyline Chili, Montgomery Inn ribs and Graeters ice cream.

Cincy Shirts also sent Baldwin an undisclosed amount of money for school and in a touching move sent a $500 donation to the ChadTough Foundation in his name.

Chad Carr, the 5-year-old son of Tammi and Jason Carr, died in November from an inoperable brain tumor. Jason is a former Michigan quarterback, his father, Lloyd, was a 13-year Michigan head coach and Tammi's father, Tom Curtis, was an All-American defensive back for the Wolverines. Tammi and Jason started the ChadTough Foundation to raise money for research to find a cure for the tumor.