Michigan lands No. 1 kicker Quinn Nordin

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Quinn Nordin

Ann Arbor — The sleepover worked.

Maybe Jim Harbaugh brought Pizza Rolls.

Quinn Nordin, the kicker from Rockford, Mich., announced just before Michigan's "Signing of the Stars" event Wednesday that he's going to be a Wolverine.

Harbaugh made national headlines last month when he slept over at Nordin's home, in his bid to get him to go to Michigan rather than his initial commitment, Penn State.

Harbaugh confirmed on stage Wednesday that he did, indeed, sleep over.

"One of the most comfortable (beds) I've ever slept in," Harbaugh said on stage after the Nordin announcement.

"I slept in Quinn's sister's room.

"She wasn't there."

And the crowd of thousands at Hill Auditorium absolutely roared.

Harbaugh also complimented the waffle-making skills of Nordin's father, Bruce.

Harbaugh said he had "four or five" sleepovers during this recruiting cycle, and said he wasn't particularly concerned with anyone turned off by his unusual tactics.

"Just having fun," Harbaugh said. "If people criticize that, then so be it. We're enjoying the heck out of it."

Harbaugh said because coaches get so little face time with recruits, he said it's beneficial to stay the night, have breakfast with the family first thing in the morning, and then head to school with the player.

It's just never really been done much before, and if it has, it hasn't been talked about.

Former UM quarterback Denard Robinson laughed when asked if he would've had a coach stay the night, back when he was a high-school senior.

"I don't know if they'd want to stay at my house," said a laughing Robinson, noting the big family he grew up with.

Harbaugh's recruits praised his efforts, even while those outside the program have had their snickers — especially about the sleepover.

Defensive end Carlo Kemp, from Colorado, said that's just Harbaugh being Harbaugh.

And the results — one of the best recruiting classes in the country Wednesday, with all sorts of No. 1s; top players at a position, top players from a state, the top player in the country (Rashan Gary) — are hard to argue with.

"If he has to climb a tree, he will," Kemp said. "He will make the ultimate sacrifice to satisfy your own needs."

Nordin is the No. 1 kicker in the nation, and also took a visit to Southern California. He told reporters Wednesday he didn't decided between Michigan and Southern Cal until the last day or so.

Nordin, 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds, had more than 20 offers from FBS schools.

Nordin and his family and friends made an appearance at Michigan's Signing Day event, via a live stream.