Finebaum: Harbaugh is 'Donald Trump of college football'

The Detroit News
Jim Harbaugh

SEC coaches aren't the only ones irritated by Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

SEC radio legend Paul Finebaum of ESPN is irritated, as well.

And Finebaum is irritated about the irritation of SEC coaches. So much so that on Wednesday he called Harbaugh "the Donald Trump of college football."

"It chaps me to no end when coach after coach reacts to Harbaugh," Finebaum said. "The rest of the country is supposed to be reacting to the SEC, not the other way around.

"What has Jim Harbaugh done? He had a very good first season. He should have beaten Michigan State -- blew it. He should have beaten Ohio State -- got run out of the stadium. He did, though ... beat the stuffing out of Florida."

Harbaugh-SEC feud heats up with tweet, reaction

The latest bit of Harbaugh-SEC tension cropped up Tuesday when  SEC commissioner Greg Sankey caught wind of Harbaugh conducting spring practices in Florida. Sankey told CBS the SEC has asked the NCAA to look into the issue.

Added Finebaum: "It's like Rubio and Kasich and Bush all reacting to Donald Trump. That's what he wants. And the Donald Trump of college football, Jim Harbaugh, wants (SEC coaches and officials) to get their panties in a wad and make him an even bigger story.

"I've tried to say this over and over again to the SEC coaches: calm down. Quit reacting. Quit making this guy the winner. He hasn't done that much."

Harbaugh�s spring break trip draws response from SEC