Spring trips like Harbaugh’s will end, Dantonio predicts

The Detroit News
Mark Dantonio

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio is not opposed to the idea of taking his team on a spring break trip that combines practices and fun, but he doesn’t think he’ll get that opportunity in the future.

“I think that opportunity will close after this year,” Dantonio told Matt Murschel of the Orlando Sentinel. “I don’t think that will be in existence anymore.”

Harbaugh’s trip has come under heavy criticism by SEC and ACC coaches and officials, and even NCAA president Mark Emmert. They say Harbaugh’s trip robs players of downtime they would otherwise have if not playing football over spring break.

SEC and ACC coaches and officials have been accused of using that as a cover to their real agenda – preventing Harbaugh from expanding the recruiting reach of his program.

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson told Murschel he wouldn’t take his players on a spring break trip.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said. “To take spring practice somewhere else — it’s like camps weren’t enough. But if they’ve got the money and they want to do it, more power to them.

“I wouldn’t do it for our kids. I think you’re just taking their spring break. … I think if you polled our kids and said, do you want to have spring practice in Destin (Fla.) during the week of spring break, they would say no. We’ll find our own way to Destin.”

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