Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has gone to his go-to — Twitter — to respond to radio show host Jim Rome, who took verbal shots at Harbaugh on Tuesday.

Rome dismantled Harbaugh for abruptly ending a media session Monday night after being asked about three freshmen who were absent from the team photo. Harbaugh said two of the three were suspended and the matter was being handled internally. He angrily cut things short when asked about the length of the suspensions.

During his show Tuesday, Rome said it was a “jerk move” by Harbaugh and said the coach is just as “miserable” as he was in San Francisco.

Harbaugh has been known to make biting, not-so-subtle responses on Twitter, and did so Wednesday morning clearly in response to Rome:

“Do you remember the provocateur who went personal with another Big 10 QB and had the tables turned on him? #dejavu” Harbaugh wrote and then included a video link from 1994 when former Rams quarterback Jim Everett, who played at Purdue, had finally had enough with Rome’s antics during a television interview.

Everett was upset that Rome repeatedly called him “Chris Evert”, a reference to the great female tennis player. Rome was questioning Everett’s ability to take a hit. Everett told Rome he was sick of being called Chris Evert. Rome, during the ESPN2 talk show, made the reference again, and Everett knocked over the table between them and then knocked Rome backward off his chair. He jumped on Rome and the two were separated.

Thursday morning, Rome fired back at Harbaugh on Twitter: "Roasted! Damn, you got me good. Like 42-13 good."

That was the score of Ohio State's win over Harbaugh's Wolverines last season.

Rome, on his “The Jim Rome Show” on Tuesday, said the questions Harbaugh was asked Monday night were fair and then continued to rant about Harbaugh.

“Maybe you forgot over the summer that it’s their job to cover your team, not asking you what your favorite Drake album is,” Rome said on his show. “Just like they’re not there to write another tired story about your latest throwback jersey, or your Walmart khakis, or your latest shirtless photo from satellite camp, or another (attack) on the SEC.

“They’re not on your staff, they do not work for the university. You preside over an alleged national power. If you suspend guys, reporters are going to ask you about it. They’re just doing their job, so you should do yours and answer the question.”

Rome said Harbaugh is just as “miserable” as he was in San Francisco.

“If anybody thought this was going to be a kinder, gentler Harbaugh since he went home to Ann Arbor to rescue the football program, make no mistake, it’s the same exact guy,” Rome said. “Nothing’s changed. Same guy. Same insanely intense dude that got run from Frisco, because he was miserable. He runs way too hot and he was wearing people out. Don’t get it twisted now. Great coach. Unbelievable coach. I’m sure he’ll do a great job there, but when you have a coach who wins as he wins and nobody is ever sorry to see him leave, that tells you a little something about that guy.”

Harbaugh won’t finish his career at Michigan, Rome said.

“So with that 10-win season in the rear view, God help anybody who asks him who his starting quarterback is going to be,” Rome said. “Or how come he can’t beat Urban Meyer, or when he’s going to beat Urban Meyer, or why he pulled a scholarship from a recruit. Good luck with any of that.

“Michigan fan will love this guy for winning. They’ll love him even more if he gets around to beating Michigan State, and even more than that, if he can finally find a way to get over Ohio State. But anybody who thinks Harbaugh is wired to grow old in that job is kidding themselves. Enjoy it while it lasts, because even though it’s his alma mater, it probably won’t. This cat runs way too hot. If he can’t get through an August press session, media session when they’re asking him about guys that are not in a team photo, this guy’s not going to last long.”