UM’s Kalis: Newsome was taken out by ‘cheap shot’

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News

Ann Arbor — Michigan offensive lineman Kyle Kalis said left tackle Grant Newsome was the victim of a cheap shot last week against Wisconsin.

Newsome suffered a season-ending knee injury.

“It was also kind of a cheap shot,” Kalis said Tuesday night. “When a defensive guy is supposed to chop, common courtesy is to go at your ankles. But no, this guy dove at his knees. It wasn’t a good thing the kid did. It wasn’t an illegal move, but it’s one of those things, come on dude, you don’t do that kind of stuff.

“Grant didn’t do anything wrong. It just happened. He didn’t deserve it. It happened.”

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was asked Monday if the injury could be career-ending.

“Don’t know,” Harbaugh said. “It’s as serious as a knee injury can be. It’s a reminder how an injury can be serious in football.

“It’s too early to tell that, but Grant is special. If there’s anybody that can come back it is Grant. He’s strong-willed, he’s strong physically, so we’ll see. It’s in his hands and the doctors’ hands. Amazing what they’re doing in the U-M health system. They’re real miracle workers.”

A cart was on the field to take Newsome, but he declined and walked off with medical personnel and athletic trainers. It was a move that impressed his teammates.

“The amount of pain that kid was in was unreal,” Kalis said. “It probably wasn’t the smartest thing he walked off, but the fact he did, you’ve got to respect that kid. Tough kid. Tough, tough kid.”