Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was regaled by one particular chant that could be heard in Spartan Stadium last Saturday during the annual Michigan-Michigan State grudge match.

Harbaugh, appearing on his weekly radio show on “Inside Michigan Football” Monday night with host Jim Brandstatter, was asked about the chant that very clearly was, “(Expletive) Jim Harbaugh!”

“I heard it, I heard it,” Harbaugh said very enthusiastically. “And I thought it was really great. Classy. I thought they were saying ‘Love Jim Harbaugh!’ and they kept repeating it, ‘Love Jim Harbaugh! Love Jim Harbaugh!’ I thought, ‘That’s great sportsmanship here by the Michigan State Spartans.’

“The next day I read ESPN (and) they were saying, I guess it was ‘Frick Jim Harbaugh.' I guess I have to get my hearing checked. I could have sworn they were saying, ‘Love Jim Harbaugh!’”