UM’s Harbaugh doesn’t ‘recommend’ making guarantees

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said that having had the experience, he does not “recommend” making guarantees.

Harbaugh has fielded multiple inquiries the last few days about his famous guarantee in 1986 when, as Michigan’s starting quarterback, he guaranteed victory at Ohio State. The Wolverines backed up their quarterback and won, 26-24.

He has been adept at side-stepping specific questions about that guarantee 30 years ago, clearly uninterested in, as he frequently says, “pulling back the onion,” but during Tuesday’s Big Ten conference call he was asked if he gives his players guidelines about making predictions or guarantees.

“Yeah. All you can offer is your advice and your wisdom, not so much wisdom, I would say, experience,” Harbaugh said, his voice light as he discussed guarantees. “On that topic I have experience. Thirty years later, I found it not necessary. To make a guarantee, what are you really guaranteeing? I offer that.

“Having done it, I don’t recommend it.”

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