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Police report: MSU student says UM’s Perry groped her

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News

A Michigan State student has accused Michigan receiver Grant Perry of groping her after she complained he tried to cut in line at an East Lansing bar in October, according to a police report.

Perry, 19, who has since been suspended by the Michigan football team, was arraigned last week in East Lansing on four charges, including two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree sexual assault, which are punishable by up to two years in prison and a $500 fine. He was also arraigned on charges of assaulting, battering, resisting or obstructing an officer and a charge of underage drinking. Perry did not make the trip to Florida for the Orange Bowl.

On Wednesday, The Detroit News received a 46-page East Lansing Police report through a Freedom of Information Act request for the alleged Oct. 15 incident outside of Lou & Harry’s bar on the 200 block of E. Grand River.

Perry’s attorney, Frank Harrison Reynolds, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Wednesday.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was asked Thursday about the police investigation and report that led to Perry's immediate suspension.

"I would just refer you back to the statement that the university made," Harbaugh said at the final pre-Orange Bowl news conference.

According to the report, Perry was in East Lansing with at least two friends. They had attended a friend’s party when they left at midnight and headed to the bar.

The female accuser, 21, who was interviewed at the scene, told police she was in line at the bar when Perry and his friends tried to cut in line around 12:20 a.m.. She said Perry reached with his right hand “down to (her) groin region ... and groping it.” In a later interview with police, she said he grabbed her buttocks, as well.

She told the office on the scene she was OK “but indicated she was just very angry, and she did not think that was right.”

The woman gave another interview to police officers at the East Lansing Police Department on Nov. 2.

She said three men cut in line at the bar and seemed to know the “girls and boys” ahead of them in line. She said she and her friends were a “little bit drunk” and upset they had cut and told them it wasn’t fair.

The men turned, towering over the girls and puffing out their chests, the police report said. She believed one or two of the men returned to the back of the line, realizing they weren’t getting into the bar.

Then she noticed the guy in front of her, allegedly Perry, was still there.

When the doorman denied him entry, he got in the victim’s face and started licking his lips. He then grabbed her buttocks and put his other hand in front of her while continuing to lick his lips, according to the report.

She told him not to get aggressive.

“You want to see aggressive?” he allegedly replied.

According to the report, the incident continued with her elbowing him in the chest, which caused him to lose his balance. He came at her again when she shoved him a second time.

The woman’s friend said she saw her jump back and then yell at Perry. The friend said she didn’t see what Perry allegedly did to the victim.

According to a bouncer at the club, the woman ran up to him and said that Perry had grabbed her butt. The bouncer asked the victim what she wanted him to do about it. The owner then walked out and said he would call police, according to the report. The bouncer told police that he did not see the alleged assault.

Police arrived to the bar and asked Perry for identification “at which time that subject tensed up,” Officer Jeff Horn wrote in his report.

Perry then ran down the alley and was tackled by Horn and another officer, according to the report. Perry continued to struggle as he was handcuffed and taken into custody, Horn wrote.

Officers said Perry smelled of alcohol and “his balance was very poor” when he stood to get into the police car. He refused a Breathalyzer.

While in custody, Perry made two calls to his mother that were recorded.

“In the first call he states to her, ‘I (expletive) up,’ and she responds, “Yeah buddy you did,’” according to the report. “Perry tells his mom, ‘I have to tell you what happened.’ She asks if it’s really bad? “He states, ‘No, not at all and it’s kind of (expletive) what happened.”

In the second call to his mother, he apologized for what she was going through.

Perry missed two games after the alleged incident.

“Based on the information at that time, Grant was allowed to resume team activities pending the outcome of the investigation,” according to a statement from Michigan last week. “Upon being informed that charges would be filed, he was immediately and indefinitely suspended from all teach activities until the legal process is completed.”

According to District 54B court records, Perry's preliminary examination has been rescheduled to Jan. 26.

Staff writer Candice Williams contributed.