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Report: Michael Johnson will coach at Oregon, not Michigan

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson Sr. will not join Michigan's staff -- The King's Academy, where he recently coached, had congratulated him via Twitter on his new job -- and instead will become receiver's coach at Oregon.

Sam Webb of reported the new twist on Friday.

Johnson, who has 10 years of NFL coaching experience, would have been in a non-coaching role until the NCAA added the 10th on-field assistant, which was expected in April. But on Tuesday, a day after King's Academy had revealed Johnson was heading to Michigan, an amendment to the 10th coach proposal was introduced to push the hiring until January 2018.

Michigan had never confirmed the Johnson hire.

That delay, apparently, was enough for Johnson to take the Oregon job, which already is an on-field coaching position.

Johnson's addition to the Michigan staff sparked what has evolved into a bit of a feud between Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and the SEC Network's Paul Finebaum. Finebaum took exception to the hire because Johnson's son, Michael, is the nation's top-rated dual-threat quarterback for the 2019 class.

Finebaum said that while the hire is not against the rules it is unethical and cheating. Harbaugh fired back Thursday night with a Tweet referring to Finebaum as "Pete Finebaum." Harbaugh called Finebaum a “water carrier” for the SEC.

Another NCAA proposal that will be voted on in April would prevent college teams from hiring high school coaches of prospective recruits during a two-year period before the recruit could enroll.