VIDEO: Harbaugh shows he’s nuts for peanuts in ad

The Detroit News

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has been known to scream at a few football officials, and now he’s part of the Planters “Shout for Nuts” campaign.

Harbaugh is featured in an online commercial shouting about his love of Planters at a “Shout for Nuts” vending machine that looks like a life-size can of nuts in Los Angeles.

“Coach Jim Harbaugh is a longstanding fan of Planters and Mr. Peanut, so we thought he was a perfect partner to help encourage other nut fanatics to shout their love for nuts,” said Camille Vareille, head of brand building for Planters, said in a release. “Plus, he’s known for shouting on the sidelines, so we know just how loud he can get.”

Said Harbaugh: “I’ve been a fan of Planters nuts for years so I was very excited when I heard that all I have to do is shout for nuts — something I’m already very good at. The louder I shout, the more nuts I get. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.”

The “Shout For Nuts” campaign can be seen in online videos and via social media.