Michigan is a slim one-point favorite in its Sweet Sixteen showdown Thursday with Oregon, but there’s one area where the Ducks apparently have a distinct advantage: Its uniforms.

That’s according to ESPN, at least, which on Wednesday ranked the uniforms of the Sweet Sixteen entrants. Oregon, known for its variety and audacity, are second only to the classic home whites of North Carolina.

Michigan’s blues, meanwhile, check in at No. 9.

“The Wolverines have a strong, time-honored look,” wrote Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, “but they haven’t been well-served by Nike’s new, trimmer tailoring template. The school name on the jersey chest looks too compressed, and the shoulder strap is so thin that the NCAA patch extends into the piping.”

Lukas offers a “caveat” about his rankings, basing them on what uniforms each team is expected to wear in the Sweet Sixteen. That, he wrote, affected where Oregon landed on his list.

“The Ducks, who’ve been the designated home team for all of their tournament games so far, went with their neon yellow uniforms in the first round against Iona and then switched to their whites for their second-rounder against Rhode Island,” he wrote. “The neon set would land near the bottom of these rankings, but the whites are excellent — a good mix of classic and audacious. Here’s hoping that’s what they wear for their Sweet 16 game against Michigan.”

Michigan and Oregon square off at 7:09 p.m. Thursday in Kansas City, Missouri.