San Diego State football already went to Italy – Little Italy

The Detroit News
Rocky Long

The San Diego State football team has already gone to Italy.

Little Italy.

While Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh will take his team to Rome, for nine days at the end of April for a cultural experience while also holding three spring practices, San Diego State coach Rocky Long, inspired by Harbaugh, also took his team on a trip.

He recently led the Aztecs to Little Italy in San Diego for a one-day field expedition.

“I read about Michigan going to Italy for a nine-day spring practice vacation where they’re going to practice three times and see Italy and it was paid for by a booster, and I thought that was a great idea,” Long told the San Diego Union-Tribune. And I’d love to take our team to Italy too.

“Only a few people in the world can afford to take 200 people on an expense-paid, nine-day vacation. It’s all worked out. Our players are going to get to see a part of San Diego they’ve never seen before. And they’re always good for a free meal. We’re going to interact with the community, have a good time and realize what a neat place San Diego is. We don’t have to get on an airplane. We get to do it all right here.”

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