Postcard from Italy: Go ahead, make my day

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
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Angelique is ready for some paintball action -- but don't mess up the shoes!

Not sure what I wouldn’t do for The Detroit News. Stepping perilously onto a speedball playing field with paintballs flying while ultra-competitive football players are trying to annihilate each other? Check.

Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno saw me watching the action and trying to take pictures and shoot Facebook Live video. “You should go in there,” he said.

I was then directed to find a helmet. Defensive line coach Greg Mattison insisted I get a chest protector. Don’t mind me, but I looked fierce in my armor.

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In I went, joining Pulitzer-prize winning photographer David Turnley, who has covered real battles with real consequences for years.

For the record, those paintballs hurt when they hit you, and my jeans had some paint splatters. (I was particularly worried about my cute shoes – don’t ruin the cute shoes! EVER!)

Also, for the record, it was a total rush.

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