Harbaughs discuss ‘original’ Brown, UM debut on podcast

Angelique S. Chengelis

Jack Harbaugh, the storytelling maestro of the Harbaugh family, was the highlight of the debut of “Attack Each Day: The Harbaugh’s Podcast” that included a number of memorable conversations.

Jack Harbaugh, who coined the “attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind” line, was joined on the podcast by his sons, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and Ravens coach John Harbaugh, along with J.T. Rogan, director of communication and operations for Harbaugh. Rogan also played for Harbaugh at San Diego.

The podcast will be weekly and available each Tuesday on PodcastOne.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh asked his father, Jack, a former college head coach and Michigan assistant on Bo Schembechler’s staff, if there’s a “better guy to be around than Don Brown.”

Brown, 62, is Michigan’s second-year defensive coordinator.

“He’s youthful beyond his youthful years,” Jack Harbaugh said. “He’s out on the field and coaching and coaching and coaching, and the players are feeding and feeding and feeding.”

“Don is an original,” Jim Harbaugh said. “There’s really not somebody else you can compare him to.”


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John Harbaugh joined the show and impressed his brother because he watched Michigan’s season opener against Florida in its entirety. John Harbaugh said the Wolverines did not look like a young team, but one that is disciplined.

“You look like a mature team,” John Harbaugh said. “They look like pros, like guys who know how to approach the game. Business like. It was fun to watch.”

Jack and John shared how they’ve been together watching some Michigan games on television.

“I like the blowouts better,” John said. “They’re easier on me.”

“Me, too,” Jim Harbaugh said.

Jim Harbaugh shared a story about the day he emulated Vince Lombardi during a Stanford practice. He had watched the HBO documentary on Lombardi twice the night before and assumed his players didn’t have televisions during camp.

“I was enamored with Vince Lombardi,” Harbauugh said. “Went out to practice and was Vince Lombardi. ‘What the hell is going on around here!’ Andrew Luck pulls me off to the side, ‘Coach, we all watched the HBO special last night on Vince Lombardi. We know you’re trying to be like Vince Lombardi right now.’”

Harbaugh asked how that was possible, assuming they didn’t have televisions.

“(Luck said) ‘Coach, we’re not in school right now. You put us up in the hotel and the hotels have TV,’ ” Harbaugh said.