John Niyo and Angelique Chengelis are joined by Chris Howard and Matt Charboneau to talk about Michigan's issues and Michigan State's 6-1 season.


Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno said the mood remains positive after the Wolverines dropped their second game of the season, this time, 42-13 at Penn State, and insists the offense is “so close” to finding consistency.

The unranked Wolverines (5-2, 2-2 Big Ten) will face Rutgers on Saturday at Michigan Stadium.

Drevno appeared on the “Jamie and Stoney Show” on 97.1 The Ticket in place of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh on Wednesday morning. He touched on several topics including backup quarterback Brandon Peters and play calling.

“We’re making strides every week,” Drevno said. “You can see we’re just so close. We miss a pass here, or miss a block there and that’s something we’re well aware of. We are getting closer and closer inching forward in terms of making this thing great.

“We need to capitalize on more drives in terms of finishing drives with touchdowns or field goals. When we’re in the red zone we want touchdowns. These guys understand we’re just young, but that’s no excuse. That’s part of the process here. You can see every week that we’re getting better.”

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Here are other highlights from the show:

On why isn’t Brandon Peters playing: “We feel like John is the best guy right now. Like anybody, everybody is just a snap away. We feel collectively, coach Harbaugh and all of us, that John’s the best guy for the job as we push forward. He’s starting against Rutgers and that’s what we’re going to do.”

On whether Peters will play against Rutgers: “I don’t know that. Everybody is snap away. We like to get everybody in there to play snap, but John’s going to start and play the game.”

On if there is a scenario for Peters to play: “Everybody is a snap away. Like the right tackle, something happens to the right tackle, we’re going to put a right tackle in.”

On whether Peters or even Dylan McCaffrey are not going well in practice: “Theyre both doing really well. They both do positive things. We just feel like John’s the best guy right now.”

On play calling on game day: “A lot of it is all done throughout the week of planning and collaboration. We map out a lot of stuff during the week, how we’re going to call the game in terms of the opener, the short yardage, the goal-line, the third down and things. We talk about it, and it’s pretty well-orchestrated as we get into the game in terms of how we’re going to call it.”

On how he feels about the run game: “Feel good. They all bring something different for the game. It’s nice to not put it on one guy’s shoulder that you’ve got kind of a one, two, three punch and that helps as we look at some different things that people can’t capitalize on well, this particular running back does this. It makes the defense look at the different things we’re doing in the run game in protections and pass game that they don’t just focus on one thing and what one thing does.”

On if he feels UM lacks dynamic playmakers: “We just need to make plays. We feel very strongly about the guys in our locker room on the offense. We just need to make plays, and I really believe that’s gonna happen. We’ve got to keep grinding, keep working. It’s a process. We’re excited about what’s coming forward here on Saturday.”

On whether the offensive line is getting better: “Absolutely they’re getting better. It’s a process like I said. We are making strides. We are getting better. I feel very strongly about those guys in the room. The sacks, sometimes that’s going to happen. That’s part of the game, they’re going to get us. That’s no excuse to not allow it to happen. We’ve got to limit that this week. We have to become better pass blockers. It’s not just on the line, there are a lot of other moving parts to it. We’re fully aware that we need to clean that up in our protections to make it better for John.”

On the certainty that he must be annoyed by Jamie and Stoney asking a lot of negative questions: “You know what, I love it. I don’t mind People want to know. I’ll tell you what, the mood around this building in terms of getting this thing fixed, we are fully on board. I’m not sleeping very well lately, but that’s OK. I wake up with a lot of things on my mind, but it’s about Michigan, it’s about this great university, it’s about the football program. We’ve got the right people here to get it fixed. It’s part of the process. It’s a new week, that’s the great thing about it.”

On seeming positive. Is he seeing things in practice that are not translating to the games? “I know we’ve got great players here. I know we put a great scheme together as offensive coaches. We practice really well. We get the right looks. We’re coaching all the details. You get to the game and then maybe something moves, somebody doesn’t block somebody or the ball is thrown down the middle of the field, we don’t catch it, we’re just so close that I know how close it is. We’ve got a good football team. I can feel it. I don’t walk in there, ‘Ah, gosh, we’ve got to get new players. This that and the other.’ We’ve got the right people here. It’s just part of the process of moving forward and correcting it, and I really believe this thing is going to give. We’ve just got to stay the course, stay positive, keep teaching, keep coaching and think of new ways of coaching in terms of getting it across to the players and keep getting better game plans. Gosh, we’re 5-2. Those two losses are unacceptable, but there are a lot worse things out there than being 5-2. We can control our own destiny from here on out.”

You can listen to the entire interview HERE.