Live updates: ​Peters knocked out, UW beats UM

Eric Coughlin
The Detroit News

Michigan seeks a signature win for the 2017 season as it takes on Wisconsin on Saturday at noon. Follow the action with live updates throughout the game by Eric Coughlin of The Detroit News.

Peters knocked out, UW beats UM

Michigan couldn't survive a special teams mistake and another quarterback knocked out of a game, losing, 24-10, to Wisconsin.

With the score tied at zero, a UM punt bounced around midfield. The UM players relaxed, there was a questionable block in the back no-call, and UM was down 7-0.

UM quarterback Brandon Peters was moving the ball well but was taking a lot of hits. He was driven into the ground in the third quarter and had to be carted off the field. He was spotted getting into an ambulance later.

UW's star freshman running back Jonathan Taylor woke up in the second half, averaging 6.9 yards per carry for 132 yards including a big 52-yarder in the fourth quarter.

UW quarterback Alex Hornibrook was just good enough. After a third-quarter interception by Devin Bush, Hornibrook settled in and led Wisconsin on two scoring drives. He finished 9-for-19 passing for 143 yards and a touchdown.

UM hosts Ohio State next week as Wisconsin heads to Minnesota.

Final: 24-10 UW over UM

Hornibrook knelt a few times ending the game, 24-10 UW.

UM turns it over on downs

UM started on its six. Perry caught a pass underneath. On second and two, O'Korn's pass fell incomplete. From UM's 14 O'Korn scrambled to his right out of bounds. UM went for it on fourth and two, and O'Korn scrambled for a yard, turning it over with 1:40 left, UW up 24-10.

UW hits field goal, bleeds clock

Taylor ran for three yards. From UM's 48, Hudson was called for offsides. On first down, Bush went down with an injury before the play started. Taylor burst through a hole for a first down. From UM's 28, Shaw ran for a short gain. On second and eight, Shaw ran to the right for six yards. From UM's 20, UW's Groshek ran for a first down. On first down, Groshek was tackled for a small loss. On second and 10 Groshek ran for seven yards. From UM's 10, Groshek ran for a loss. UW hit the field goal with 2:25 left. 24-10 UW.

UW with good field position

McKeon couldn't hold onto a long pass. On second and 10, Evans was stuffed for a loss. From UM's 22, O'Korn scrambled to his left for no gain. Nelson returned the punt to midfield with 7:42 left, UW up 21-10.

UW flips field position, up 21-10

Taylor was clobbered by Winovich for a short gain. On second and nine, UW's Ibrahim ran for a short gain. On third and four from UW's 12, UM was flagged for pass interference. On first down, Hornibrook threw it away. Taylor burst through the line for a 51-yard gain. Hornibrook was sacked by Hudson. From UM's 46, Hornibrook threw it away. On third and 22, Hornibrook scrambled for a short gain. UW was flagged for a hold on the punt, and UM will start on its 23, down 21-10 with 9:25 left.

UM forced to punt, down 21-10

O'Korn escaped pressure but threw it away. UM's punt was downed inside the five. 13:17 left 21-10 UW.

UM facing big third down, timeout

Evans gained nine yards to the right. On second and one, O'Korn's pass to Gentry fell incomplete as Gentry took a big hit on the play. From UM's 45, Evans got the first down. O'Korn's pass intended for Peoples-Jones was incomplete. On second and 10, O'Korn's threw incomplete. O'Korn then took a timeout. Still 21-10 UW.

End third quarter, UM down 21-10

UM started on its 25 after a touchback. O'Korn hit Peoples-Jones for a first down, ending the third quarter with UW up 21-10.

UW scores on reverse, up 21-10

Peters was carted off the field. UW started on its 39. Taylor gained seven yards on the left side. On second and three, UW was flagged for holding. From UW's 41, Watson broke up a long pass down the left sideline. On third and eight, Hornibrook threw to Davis on the right sideline for a gain of 22. From UM's 32, Pryor took the ball on a reverse and scored, 21-10 UW.

Peters injured, UM punting

UM started on its 25 after a touchback. Peters rolled to his right and hit Peoples-Jones for a two-yard gain. Higdon ran straight ahead for a short gain. On third and five, Peters overthrew Evans. Peters took a big hit and was injured on the play.

Hornibrook hits Taylor for touchdown

Taylor caught a 49-yard pass inside UM's 20. On UM's 18, Taylor took a pitch for a loss. On second and 11, Hornibrook's pass sailed out of bounds. From UM's 19, UW was flagged for a false start. On third and 16, Hornibrook hit Taylor for a touchdown. 14-10 UW.

UW having trouble moving ball

UW started on its 23. Taylor ran for a loss. On second and 14, UM was flagged for pass interference. From UW's 34, Hornibrook threw it away. On second and 10, Hornibrook hit Taylor on a screen, but he was tackled immediately by Gary for a loss. On third and 13, UW took a timeout. Still 10-7 UM.

UM gets field goal, up 10-7

Peoples-Jones took a reverse for a first down, then Kareem Walker was tackled for a three-yard loss. On second and 13 from UW's 20, Peters threw incomplete intended for McDoom. Evans lost yards on a draw. Quinn Nordin made the 39-yard field goal. 10-7 UM.

Hornibrook intercepted by Bush, UM ball

Hornibrook's pass over the middle was tipped and intercepted by Bush. UM's ball, still 7-7.

UM goes three and out, 7-7

UM was flagged for a false start, then Peters threw incomplete, intended for Gentry over the middle. On second and 15 from UW's 46, Peters scrambled for a four-yard gain. A pass intended for Perry fell incomplete. The punt went out of bounds at UW's nine. Still 7-7.

UW goes three and out again

Hornibrook was sacked by several UM linemen for a five-yard loss. On second down, Hornibrook got rid of it after facing pressure from Hudson. Taylor caught a ball for a short gain. Peoples-Jones returned it to UW's 41. Still 7-7.

UW backed up to 12, 7-7

Peters hit Hill for a big gain down the right sideline into UW territory. From UW's 40, Walker was tackled for no gain. On second down, Peters scrambled for a short gain. On third and eight, Peters was sacked. The punt was fair caught at UW's 12. Still 7-7.

UW goes three and out, 7-7

UW started on its 20. Taylor gained three yards. Pryor lost a yard on an end-around. On third and eight, Hornibook was sacked for a one-yard loss. UW punted to UM's 38. Still 7-7.

Halftime, 7-7

UW returned the kick to its 15. Taylor ran for four yards then no gain. On third and six, Taylor ran for three yards to the right. Peoples-Jones lost ground on the return, and UM started on its 30. With six seconds left in the half, UM downed it. 7-7 at the half.

Peters engineers scoring drive, 7-7

Evans ran for no gain. On second down, Peters hit Peoples-Jones for a big gain into UW territory. Peters scrambled for a one-yard gain. From UW's 36, Evans gained one yard. On third and eight, Peters hit Evans across the middle for a big first down to UW's 15. On first down, Peters hit McKeon at UW's one-yard line. On first and goal, Mason ran to the left for the touchdown. Tied, 7-7.

UM gets ball back at 16

Hornibrook found Fumagalli for a 20-yard gain. From UW's 21, Taylor ran for 12 yards up the middle. On first down, Taylor found a big hole and ran into UM territory for 21 yards. From UM's 47, Taylor lost four yards. On second and 14, Hornibrook's pass fell incomplete. On third and 14, Hornibrook hit Davis over the middle for 19, but the play was ruled incomplete after review. UW punted and Peoples-Jones was taken down at UM's 16. Still 7-0.

Peters fumbles at goal line, 7-0

From its three, UW ran for one yard. Fumagalli caught a pass for six yards. Shaw ran for a short gain, setting up fourth down. UM started on UW's 40 and Walker ran for a loss. On second and 11, Gentry caught a long pass and was tackled at UW's five. Higdon ran for a yard. Peoples-Jones caught a fade pass in the end zone but was ruled out of bounds. On third and goal from UW's five, Peters scrambled and fumbled inside UW's five. 7-0 UW.

Peters misses receiver, UM punts

Hill pushed forward for the first down. Peters scrambled for a yard. From UM's 43, Evans ran for two yards. On third and seven, Peters had an open receiver but underthrew it incomplete. UM's punt rolled inside UW's five.

End first quarter, 7-0 UW

Thomas returned the kickoff to UM's 30. Higdon ran up the middle for four yards. Perry caught a pass for five yards. Ty Isaac was injured on the play and limped off the field, ending the first quarter. 7-0 UW.

UW returns punt for touchdown, 7-0

Evans took a pitch for a loss, setting up fourth and eight. Nelson returned the punt for a touchdown. 7-0 UW.

UM backed up, calls last timeout

Higdon ran up the middle for two yards, then Peters threw incomplete. On third and eight, UM called its last timeout of the half. Still 0-0.

UM forces another punt, still 0-0

Fumagalli caught a ball for the first down. Taylor gained a yard on the right side. From UW's 38, Pryor took an end-around handoff for eight yards. On third and one, Hornibrook threw incomplete over the middle. Wisconsin punted to UM's 14.

Third and five, UW timeout, 0-0

Taylor ran for two yards, then Hornibrook completed a pass for three yards. On third and five, UW took a timeout. Still 0-0.

Peters sacked, UM punts, 0-0

Peters was sacked at UM's 35 by UW's Dooley, setting up a punt. UM downed the punt at UW's 20. Still 0-0.

UM takes another timeout, still 0-0

Evans ran for no gain, setting up third and seven. From UM's 43, Peters took a timeout. Still 0-0.

UM picks up first down, timeout

Higdon went straight ahead for eight tough yards, then ran to the left for one yard. On third and one, Hill ran up the middle for four yards and a first down. From UM's 40, Peters found Peoples-Jones on the right sideline for three yards. On second down, Michigan took a timeout.

UW goes three and out, 0-0

Hornibrook rolled to his left and scrambled for four. Taylor ran up the middle for a short gain. On third and one, UW's Ramesh lost a yard, setting up a punt. Peoples-Jones ran the punt to UM's 27. Still 0-0.

UM punts on first possession

UM started on the 25 after a touchback. Evans ran to the right for 10 yards. Peters threw incomplete, but UW was flagged for holding. From UM's 45, Peters overthrew Crawford long down the left sideline. On second and 10, Evans took a direct snap for one yard. Peters found McKeon on the right sideline for a first down. From UW's 45, Higdon dove to the right for a yard. On second down, McDoom took a jet sweep for three yards. Peters's pass was broken up by UW's Nelson, setting up a punt. UW will start on its 25 after a touchback.

Looks like it's been a snowy morning in Madison:


When: Saturday, noon

Where: Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, Wis.

TV / radio: Fox / WWJ 950

Records: Michigan 8-2 (5-2 Big Ten), Wisconsin 10-0 (7-0)

Line: Wisconsin by 7


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