UM mailbag: Shea Patterson decision coming soon

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Shea Patterson

The most frequently asked question these days regarding Michigan football involve Shea Patterson and his eligibility, and it will remain that way until the NCAA makes a decision. But there are other issues, so let’s get to it in this week’s mailbag:

Question: Any word on when the NCAA is supposed to rule on Shea Patterson eligibility? Is there a deadline they have to make a decision? @RyanCranney

Question: What’s the time frame for the Patterson decision? @Jeff_Frasier

Question: Patterson time frame on decision from NCAA @MikeCandela33

Answer: As far as I know there is no specific time frame or deadline. Keep this in mind, Patterson is not the only Ole Miss transfer working toward immediate eligibility, so there is a collective effort going on and a lawyer who is beyond determined to prove these players were misled by former Ole Miss coach Huge Freeze, coaches and administrators.

Each school involved will submit information to the NCAA and more than likely, much of the information will be similar if not identical. Michigan and the other schools are taking their time collecting information to prove Ole Miss’ “egregious behavior” with regard to lying to the recruits, including Patterson, about the NCAA violations and the punishments.

Much of the information that has been gathered is particularly damning, and it would shock me if the NCAA doesn't waive the transfer rule in these cases. The NCAA had made head-scratching decisions before, we all know that, but this seems like a no-brainer. Because the schools are carefully working to gather as much information as possible, the time frame is probably more like late February for significant movement on this issue by the NCAA.

Q: What’s the deal with Edwards, Hart, Loeffler, among a few others, bad mouthing and being so critical of Harbaugh publicly. (A second tweet then explained more fully some examples). Edwards and Toomer frequently calling him overrated and hyped. Hart not even willing to take an interview. I give Hart a slight pass with their history. But it’s still UM seems like a courtesy to just listen. Things of that nature. @cee_dee_jakes

A: Cornelius, thanks for the follow-up tweet, because I was unaware of some of the “bad mouthing” you mentioned. Let me first respond about Mike Hart, the former Michigan running back now coaching that position at Indiana. As I responded to you on Twitter, what you mentioned is an incorrect narrative. There was never an interview to take, so I’m not sure where that came from. And without divulging a private conversation, during a satellite camp in 2016, I chatted with Jim Harbaugh and Hart, and it was made clear to me by both that their previous “issue” was no more. As for Scot Loeffler, I am not aware of the comments you’re saying he has made. I am aware of those made by Amani Toomer (I apparently missed his first interview but later heard him on 97.1 in Detroit) and also those by Braylon Edwards. Look, they’re both outspoken guys, and they both have platforms. They’re opinionated and they have positions in the media that give them an opportunity to say what they feel like saying and of course they know they flame fires when they are that critical, but that is the nature of the business.

Q: How many scholarship players will Michigan have once all commits sign LOIs and any transfers come in? @MaizeBlue2

Q: At my count we currently sit at 91 with one big target (Reese) and then the possible grad transfer from Rice. So who’s leaving to get to 85? I see there’s at least three fifth-year guys unlikely to get a fifth year but who else? @Majik9

A: Grouped you two because the questions were similar. I’m also at 91, Majik, and you’re also right about at least three fifth-year guys not coming back. Those are conversations Harbaugh will have with those players after signing day. I suspect there will be some additional attrition, perhaps some transfers, but I haven’t been able to nail those down definitively and don’t feel comfortable listing names yet.

Q: Is Ed Warinner officially part of the staff yet? Doug Warren

Q: Is Ed Warinner going to be Drevno’s replacement? @CAnderson821

A: You mean, is it Facebook official yet, as the kids say? But along those lines, he is in the Michigan directory for whatever that’s worth. Replacement? No. As far as I know, Tim Drevno isn’t going anywhere, but it does make you wonder why Warinner would leave Minnesota and a nice coaching position to become a senior offensive analyst at Michigan. Doesn't it?