Michigan’s John Beilein at $150K in bonuses, and counting

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Michigan coach John Beilein takes down the net after Michigan's triumph over Florida State on Saturday night.

Michigan basketball coach John Beilein is racking up bonuses, $25,000 at a time, on this wild ride to the Final Four.

So far this postseason, Beilein has accumulated $150,000 in additional pay and can earn $50,000 more if the Wolverines cut down the nets in San Antonio next week under a contract extension signed in 2015.

Beilein has earned $25,000 each for winning the Big Ten tournament, earning an NCAA Tournament bid and for each NCAA Tournament win – four and counting. That's actually a pretty modest bonus structure by today's standards, considering he gets no bump for winning a national championship – winning that game earns him the same as the opening-round win against Montana.

For comparison, Kansas' Bill Self would get $200,000 for an NCAA championship.

Beilein's bonus provisions are a stark contrast to the contract of Florida State's Leonard Hamilton, who has earned $825,000 in bonuses this season and still can earn another $250,000, depending how the final college rankings shake out. Hamilton, though, missed out on a $275,000 bonus when Florida State lost to Michigan in Saturday night's Elite Eight game. (Maybe that explains his testy postgame interview with CBS's Dana Jacobson.)

Beilein's annual salary is around $3.4 million, which ranks ninth in the nation, according to USA Today's database.