Michigan’s Joe Milton: I can throw football 85 yards

Angelique S. Chengelis

Paris — By all accounts, Michigan early enrollee freshman Joe Milton has a big arm.

Like, can-throw-farther-than-most-mere-mortals kind of arm.

“The farthest I threw one was 85 (yards),” Milton said Monday after the team participated in a paintball expedition before touring Versailles. “On a good day like 85, regular basis 75 or 80.”

Dylan McCaffrey, also competing for the starting job at quarterback along with Brandon Peters and Shea Patterson, has witnessed Milton throw 85 yards.

“It looks pretty easy for him,” McCaffrey said.

How far can McCaffrey throw?

“I can throw the ball far enough,” he said, smiling. “Get the ball out on time, you’re good.”

Milton said he thinks he throws the farthest of the Michigan quarterbacks.

His high school baseball team wanted him to pitch, but his high school football coach put an end to that idea.

“The ball is too little for me,” Milton said.