Postcard from France: Popping the question

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News

To any of you preparing to propose marriage, I’m pretty sure the proposal witnessed today in the gorgeous Hall of Mirrors in Versailles has set the bar to a new high.

I’m not saying give up trying to top this one, but let’s face it, this one pretty much breaks new ground. So here’s an idea — get a bigger ring.

Just outside Paris, the city of love, in one of the most beautiful buildings and rooms in the world, former Michigan linebacker James Ross, now a defensive graduate assistant, made the best play of his life. Ross proposed to his girlfriend, Omnielle Jordan, in the midst of opulence. For the record, she said, yes. OF COURSE SHE SAID YES!

Then came the tears of happiness as she fell into his arms for an embrace that was then cheered on by the Michigan players who had quietly entered the room to watch the proposal unfold. She was stunned that everyone but her knew what was going to transpire in the Hall of Mirrors, and that added to how exceptional this was. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh gave Jordan a big hug, while defensive coordinator Don Brown hugged Ross. But the piece de resistance (coming up big with the French there!) was Chris Bryant, Michigan’s director of high school relations, who serenaded them.

Priceless. Toujours l’amour!


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