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Paris, France — It can’t be easy being the new guy, coming into a football program where players already know each other well and have played together. It also can’t be easy being the new guy arriving with a crazy amount of hype.

Shea Patterson, who transferred from Ole Miss last December to play quarterback at Michigan, from all accounts has made a seamless transition to his new team and has been immediately accepted.

“He’s not super rambunctious,” defensive end Chase Winovich said Tuesday during a team outing in Montmartre during their spring trip to France. “He’s kind of to himself in that sense. He’s a great teammate to have. It seems like he really cares for his teammates.

“He wants to win. You can tell he’s a competitor, so it’s like, if given that opportunity he’s going to take us in the right direction I think. It’s going to be interesting this fall between (him and) my boy Brandon Peters. I think a lot of people might have counted him out, but it’s going to be a competition.”

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Winovich, who said he and Patterson might be roommates this fall, said Patterson quickly become part of the team. Patterson is competing for the starting job with Brandon Peters, Dylan McCaffrey and early enrollee freshman Joe Milton.

“It’s tough because people love Brandon and all the other quarterbacks, too,” Winovich said. “It’s easier when you’re a cool dude, and Shea’s a cool dude. There’s nobody like, ‘Well, I don’t like Shea.’ I’ve never once heard that, so it makes it easy, and I like Shea a lot.”

Offensive lineman Grant Newsome said he’s been impressed with the way Patterson has adapted to a new program and environment.

“I have to give him major props for the way he’s been able to handle it and he’s handled it with grace, especially considering the whole legal situation with Ole Miss,” Newsome said. “He’s handled it remarkably, and it was very seamless for us. He’s just another one of the guys at this point.”

Patterson last Friday was officially cleared for immediately eligibility and can play this fall.


His fiancee, Omnielle Jordan, had no idea that he was going to ask her to get married while they were in France. Angelique S. Chengelis, Detroit News

This is how you do it

Everyone interested in proposing, get your notebooks out, because this is how it’s done.

Former Michigan linebacker James Ross, now a defensive grad assistant, produced the epic proposal to top all proposals on Monday when he surprised his girlfriend of five years, Omnielle Jordan, with a diamond engagement ring in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

Originally he planned to propose at the Eiffel Tower, and then last week he was told that something bigger might be available. Versailles was closed Monday, but Michigan had a private tour.

She had no idea what was coming, and she did say yes.

“That woulda been pretty bad if she said no,” Ross said, laughing, on Tuesday.

His biggest concern was trusting younger brother, Josh, a linebacker at Michigan, with the stunning diamond ring.

“I had my little brother hold onto the ring, and that scared me,” Ross said. “I’m not too confident with him, but he did a good job and then we had a nice Olympic passing the baton behind her back so it worked out with perfectly. He’s going to be a co-best man, because I still don’t trust him to make decisions.”

Former Wolverine Jarrod Wilson will be the best man.

“It’s still surreal to this moment,” Ross said. “I can’t believe everything worked the way it did.”

He has set the proposal bar high and expects to hear about it when he returns to Michigan.

“Probably going to catch some slack when I get back home,” he said. “It’s worth it.”


Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson (in blue) and kicker Quinn Nordin talk about their paintball experience. Angelique S. Chengelis, The Detroit News

Crazy kicker

Linebackers coach Al Washington watched kicker Quinn Nordin playing paintball Monday with a sleeveless shirt. He arms were peppered with welts from the paint balls and yellow paint.

Later in the day during the tour of Versailles, Nordin said he felt fine.

Washington was asked what he thought of Nordin’s performance in paint ball.

“(He’s) out of his mind,” Washington said, laughing. “He’s got something to prove, he’s tough. I said, ‘Dude, there’s other ways to do that.’ That was nuts.”

Trip is winding down

Michigan will spend its final full day in Paris on Wednesday and will visit the Eiffel Tower and then attend a function at the U.S. Embassy.