J.T. Rogan, director of communications and internal operations for Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, announced Saturday he is leaving the staff.

Rogan has been instrumental in working with Harbaugh on his personal daily schedule, helping to organize the team's recent trip to Paris and so much behind the scenes. He has been the host of the successful "Attack Each day: The Harbaughs' Podcast".

"After nearly 2 years, I've decided to move on from my role at UM," Rogan wrote Saturday on Twitter. "It’s time for me to pursue my passions. I’m very thankful for relationships built here; they'll be with me forever. Rest assured, I'll be attacking future endeavors with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Go Blue!"

Rogan, who played for Harbaugh at San Diego, joined the staff before the 2016 season, replacing Zach Eisendrath.

"I was totally blindsided when he offered me the job," Rogan said of Harbaugh in an San Diego Union-Tribune story in 2016.

"This is a life-changer, and I recognize that."