Ann Arbor — There are two Bredesons already playing varsity sports at Michigan. Could there be another?

Jack Bredeson plays baseball for the Wolverines, Ben is entering his third season as Michigan’s starting left guard, and then there’s Max, who is entering his sophomore year in high school and attended Michigan’s high school prospects camp last Saturday.

“I love both of them,” Max said, smiling, when asked if he has a favorite older brother.

The rumor is Max Bredeson, a quarterback who also plays baseball, is the best athlete among the brothers.

“I’ll answer that. Yes,” Ben Bredeson said, confirming that Max, five years his junior, is the most skilled athlete of the three.

And how is that quantified?

“Well, he scores touchdowns,” Ben said, smiling. “That’s what my dad says.”

While Ben worked with the offensive linemen at the camp, Max participated with the quarterbacks.

He is motivated by what his brothers have achieved playing Division I college sports. He feels a pressure of sorts, but it mostly serves to keep him headed in the same direction.

“I’ve always thought about it as pressure, but I always thought it may help me with the name, I guess, but it will always push me harder than it will push someone else,” Max Bredeson said after the camp. “With them being at a high level like that, I kind of have to, but I really want to (achieve).

“It’s not forced upon me. It’s my goal, so with them, it pushes me harder, and I think it’s for my benefit.”

Ben planned to take his younger brother around Ann Arbor over the weekend before he had to return to Wisconsin for a day of contact practice — there are five contact practices during the summer in Wisconsin.

Max has seen his brother Jack play baseball at Michigan and has seen Ben play football. It never gets old seeing Ben run out of the tunnel at Michigan Stadium, something Max said he would “love to do” as a Michigan player.

“It’s crazy,” Max said. “It’s kind of an emotional thing every time you see it. It’s cool to get to see him do what he’s always wanted to achieve, and he’s doing it at the highest level he possibly can. It’s cool when you get to see him come out on Saturdays and you hear how hard he’s always working and how is body is kinda going down, but he just keeps pushing through it and then he comes out on Saturday and plays in front of us. It’s a lot of fun.”

While Ben Bredeson has a starting spot locked down on the offensive line, Max will be competing for the starting job at quarterback with two seniors at Oconomowoc, Wis.

“I’ve got confidence in myself that I can hold my own,” he said.