Earlier this week, Jalen Rose seemed excited that his former Michigan teammate, Chris Webber, appeared to be working on making amends with the university.

On Thursday, two days after Webber participated in an interview with Dan Patrick, Rose's tone seemed to change, dramatically.

Appearing on his "Get Up" ESPN show, Rose suggested Webber has ulterior motives for his recent willingness to discuss the early 1990s Michigan basketball scandal — a topic which he's long avoided discussing, until recently.

"I'm not going to go back and forth through the media with this," Rose said. "I know that he's trying to reactivate his Hall-of-Fame candidacy, and he wants to put out a documentary, and he wants to sell a book. I get all of that.

"I don't need to talk about him to further my career.

"I don't sell out. I am not a media shill."

Rose, 45, long has been the unofficial lobbyist for the Fab Five's effort to reconcile with the University of Michigan, including an effort to get the 1992 and 1993 Final Four banners hung again at Crisler Center.

They were taken down in 2003, fallout from the Ed Martin scandal, during which the late booster paid players more than $600,000, much of that going to Webber. There was a 10-year disassociation between Webber and Michigan, which ended in 2013.

Still, Webber, 45, has almost entirely steered clear of the school, ignoring an invitation to participate in a campus forum celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Fab Five in 2016.

Lately, that all changed.

Webber recently accepted an invitation from football coach Jim Harbaugh to serve as an honorary captain for a game this fall, which started the conversation about whether the time, finally, is coming for all sides to make amends.

Basketball coach John Beilein added to the story line this week when he said he'd welcome Webber back to the program with open arms.

Before any of that's possible, there must be a dialogue with university administration.

"I think we're going to have some great conversations," Webber told Patrick on Tuesday, "and hopefully the fans that go to Michigan, that love Michigan, especially ones as much as I do, will enjoy it when we come back together because that's what we want."

Rose and Webber reportedly haven't spoken in quite some time.

"Hopefully that level of the relationship that he has with the school can be repaired and then the legacy of the Fab Five and the University of Michigan can be unlocked for all the individuals that I discussed," said Rose, who made particular mention of coach Steve Fisher on that list.