Recap: UM pulls away in second half, wins 45-20

By Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News

Final leaders


UM - Shea Patterson: 14/18, 237 yds., 3 TDs, INT

SMU - Ben Hicks: 7/15, 113 yds., TD, INT


UM - Chris Evans: 18 atts., 85 yds.

SMU - Xavier Jones: 13 atts., 50 yds.


UM - Zach Gentry: 4 recs., 95 yds.

UM - Donovan Peoples-Jones: 4 recs., 90 yds., 3 TDs

SMU - James Proche: 11 recs., 166 yds., 2 TDs

No dice on last drive for SMU

William Brown throws incomplete on first down then finds James Proche for a 36-yard gain on second down to get to the Michigan 39. 

Brown throws incomplete to Braeden West on first down, and then on second down, Aidan Hutchinson is flagged for roughing the passer. Make that 132 penalty yards for Michigan on the evening.

Brown's helmet is taken off by a vicious hit by Kwity Paye on an incomplete pass. Michigan is called for offsides.

Ben Hicks enters the game and misses Proche in the end zone on first down then throws incomplete to Judah Bell in the end zone. His pass on third down is batted down at the line.

He throws to the end zone one more time on fourth down, misses, and the clock has expired.

45-20 Michigan (FINAL)

One more for good measure

Shea Patterson throws it to Donovan Peoples-Jones on first down for a gain of 7. Tru Wilson loses a yard on second down. Patterson slices and dices the SMU defense and gets to the SMU 44 with a 18-yard run.

Patterson gives to Wilson on first down and he's pushed out-of-bounds for a gain of 8. SMU is called for illegal substitution, giving the Wolverines a first down.

O'Maury Samuels gains 4 yards on first down and then breaks free for 18 on second down to make it first-and-goal at the 9.

Patterson runs for no gain on first down. Wilson gets it on second down and he powers through the middle and reaches the end zone after bouncing off a defender for another Michigan touchdown.

45-20 Michigan (1:05 4th)

SMU gives Michigan ball right back

Braeden West returns Jake Moody's kickoff to the 20-yard-line.

West runs for no gain on first down and is wrapped up behind the line by Bryan Mone for a loss of 1 on second down. He catches a screen pass on third down and is tackled by Chase Winovich short of the first down marker.

Jamie Sackville's punt goes out-of-bounds at the Michigan 32-yard-line.

The crowd cheers as No. 6 Wisconsin's loss to BYU is announced over the P.A. system.

38-20 Michigan (6:13 4th)

Nordin field goal makes it three-score game

Ambry Thomas lets SMU's kick bounce in the end zone and Michigan will get the ball at the 25. A false start assessed to Zach Gentry makes it first-and-15 from the 20.

Chris Evans hits a big hole and breaks free in the secondary for a gain of 35. He appeared to have pulled up and reached for his hamstring at the end of the run.

Tru Wilson picks up the slack with a 12-yard run to the SMU 33 for another first down. 

Wilson gets 3 more yards on both first and second down to make it third-and-4. Gentry drops the Patterson throw on third down. Quinn Nordin will be out to try the 45-yard field goal.

Nordin's try is good.

38-20 Michigan (8:03 4th)

Slowly but surely, SMU puts together another scoring drive

James Proche's 19-yard return gives SMU the ball at the 20. 

Josh Ross is called for pass interference and Michigan is flagged for a sideline infraction on first down. The Wolverines have amassed 112 penalty yards thus far. 

Braeden West picks up 9 yards on a first down carry. An offensive holding call on Ryan Becker calls back another nice run and makes it second-and-11. West gains 3 yards to end the third quarter.

35-13 Michigan (End 3rd)

Brown's completed pass to Proche goes for 8 yards, which is initially ruled to be good enough for a first down, but now the spot will be reviewed. 

The replay technology benefits Michigan, as it has been determined Proche was a yard short of the marker. It'll be fourth-and-1. Brown pitches it to Xavier Jones and he bounces to the outside for a gain of 16. It'll be first-and-10 at the 40-yard-line.

SMU gets down with some trickery as wide receiver Tyler Page throws a 14-yard pass completed to Brown. 

Jones gets 2 yards on first down and Proche catches a deep pass from Brown in the end zone for a touchdown. Becker is called for holding again, however, and it's now second-and-18. Jones then gains 2 yards on a screen pass and is hunted down by Devin Bush to make it third-and-16.

Brown shows off his wheels with a run down the right sideline that yields 25 yards, good enough for a first down and more. It's first-and-goal at the Michigan 7.

Michigan defensive back Brandon Watson is injured on the play.

West is stuffed by Bush on a swing pass for a loss of 1 and Brown's pass over the middle on second down is swatted by Josh Metellus.

Timeout Michigan (11:16 4th)

Brown escapes a closing pocket on third-and-goal and goes for the pylon but is cracked by Metellus at the 2-yard-line. Rashan Gary is down on the play. It appears to be cramping.

Brown rolls out on fourth down and finds Proche in the end zone for the wide receiver's second touchdown of the day.

38-20 Michigan (10:43 4th)

2-to-9 scores for the third time

SMU unsuccessfully attempts an onside kick. It's also flagged for someone other than the kicker kicking the ball. Michigan will start the drive almost in field goal range at the SMU 41.

Shea Patterson throws incomplete to Nico Collins on first down. He has all day to throw on second down, which gives Donovan Peoples-Jones time to burn the SMU secondary. Patterson puts it right over his shoulder, and Peoples-Jones waltzes into the end zone.

35-13 Michigan (1:23 3rd)

16-play drive brings SMU within two scores

James Proche fields the kickoff at the 1-yard-line and returns it to SMU 13.

Devin Bush is back on the field for Michigan.

Braeden West gains 1 yard on first down. William Brown rushes for no gain on second down. Brown throws it to Proche on third down for a gain of 12 to move the chains.

West loses 2 yards on first down. He gains them back on a screen pass on second down to make it third-and-10. Tyree Kinnel is called for pass interference on a throw down the sideline despite Brown's pass landing 6 yards out-of-bounds. First-and-10 at the 41.

Brown runs for 5 yards on first down. Before the next play is snapped, the referees are buzzed to review a possible targeting call on Khaleke Hudson. 

After further review, Hudson is called for targeting and is ejected. He will be disqualified for the first half of next week's contest with Nebraska, too.

Xavier Jones gains a total of 3 yards on first and second down. Brown's throw on third down to James Proche gains 8 yards and an SMU first down at the Michigan 28.

Jones gets the rock on first down and picks up 7 yards. He gets the ball on first down for no gain and is wrapped up by Chase Winovich in the backfield for a loss of 1 on third down. The Mustangs offense stays out on the field.

Brown throws it complete to Proche for a gain of 7 to convert on fourth down and make it first-and-10 at the Michigan 15.

Lavert Hill is called for pass interference on an incomplete pass to Judah Hill. It'll be first-and-goal now at the 8.

Timeout SMU (2:07 3rd)

Jones pulls away from Rashan Gary to reach the edge and gets pushed out of bounds at the 2. Proche makes an incredible in the back of the end zone on a fade route, but it is deemed incomplete. Replay shows he may have had a foot down, however, and the play will be reviewed.

The call stands. It'll be third-and-goal from the 2.

Brown rolls out and fires to Ryan Becker at the goal line for a touchdown to complete a 16-play, 87-yard drive.

Will Moore's extra point is no good.

28-13 Michigan (1:36 3rd)

Patterson and Peoples-Jones connect for second touchdown pass today

Chris Evans picks up 5 yards on two runs and Shea Patterson throws it complete to Zach Gentry, his favorite third down target today, for a gain of 11 that'll give Michigan a new set of downs at the SMU 46-yard-line.

A holding penalty wipes out a big run from Patterson makes it first-and-20. Tru Wilson catches an 11-yard pass on first down and runs for 8 yards on second down to make it third-and-2. Patterson gives it to Wilson out of the shotgun on third down for a gain of 3 and a first down.

On first-and-10 from the SMU 35, Patterson fires to Gentry, who beat a linebacker to get open in the seam. It's first-and-goal at the 7.

Donovan Peoples-Jones is thrown open on a fade route by Patterson for his second touchdown of the day.

28-7 Michigan (9:07 3rd)

Michigan defense forces three-and-out

Jake Moody's second half kick is taken for a touchback.

William Brown is in at quarterback for the Mustangs. His first and second down passes fall incomplete. Devin Bush is down on the play and looks to be in a lot of pain. He's helped off the field.

Brown tries to avoid heavy pressure but is ultimately chased down by Tyree Kinnel and Chase Winovich before he can get back to the original line of scrimmage. SMU will punt.

Both teams receive penalties on the punt return. Michigan gets the ball at the 38.

21-7 Michigan (13:55 1st)

First half leaders


UM - Shea Patterson: 8/10, 132 yds., TD, INT

SMU - Ben Hicks: 7/12, 113 yds., TD, INT


UM - Chris Evans: 15 atts., 45 yds.

SMU - Xavier Jones: 5 atts., 17 yds.


UM - Zach Gentry: 2 recs., 56 yds.

SMU - James Proche: 5 recs., 94 yds., TD

Metellus pick-six ends first half

Chase Winovich is having himself a game. His fourth tackle this afternoon stops Xavier Jones for no gain on first down. Khaleke Hudson gets to the quarterback quickly on second down, and for good reason: He was offsides. It'll be second-and-5.

Carlo Kemp comes in hot on the next play and sacks Ben Hicks — his first of the year — for a loss of 6. Hicks threads one into triple coverage to James Proche for a gain of 32 that'll make it first-and-10 at the Michigan 44.

Hicks is sacked on first down by Bryan Mone to make it second-and-17. Josh Metellus is flagged for pass interference on the next play and SMU will keep moving down field with 0:17 left and no timeouts.

Metellus more than makes up for his penalty, intercepting a pass from Hicks on the ensuing first down and taking it 73 yards to the house as the clock falls to all zeroes.

21-7 Michigan (End 2nd)

Peoples-Jones gives Michigan 14-7 lead

SMU squibs it on the kickoff and Drew Singleton returns it 5 yards to the Michigan 40-yard-line.

Chris Evans runs for 6 yards on first down and Nico Collins catches a pass from Shea Patterson on second down to make it third-and-1. Kyran Mitchell trips up Chris Evans before he can get to the line to gain on third down. Michigan will go for it.

Evans is stuffed at the line and fights ahead for for a new set of downs. He was very close.

SMU coach Sonny Dykes lets the official have it. for the official spot and he's hit with an unsportsmanlike penalty that'll move Michigan up 15 yards to the SMU 35.

Donovan Peoples-Jones catches a pass on a crossing route and he goes all the way for a Michigan touchdown.

14-7 Michigan (2:34 2nd)

SMU ties game on 50-yard touchdown pass

Jake Moody's kickoff goes out of the end zone and SMU will look to cut into its deficit starting at the 25-yard-line.

Great coverage from Lavert Hill breaks up Ben Hicks' pass on first down. Xavier Jones rushes for 14 yards on second down before getting pushed out by Hill at the 39.

Jones gets the ball again on first down and gets 2. Hicks throws a perfect ball on a Judah Ball slant route and he gets to the 50 for a first down.

On first-and-10, Hicks finds James Proche wide open down the sideline and he's able to escape the pursuit of Josh Metellus for an SMU touchdown.

It's a tie game.

7-7 tie (5:16 2nd)

11-play drive ends with Michigan touchdown

Shea Patterson takes the field with the best field position his offense has had all game. 

Chris Evans carries the ball for 4 yards on first down. Patterson ducks a sack attempt and is able to muster a 2-yard gain out of what looked to be a sure loss. He gets hit as he throws on third-and-4 but stays poised enough to drop a nice throw into the arms of Zach Gentry for a 24-yard gain. 

Grant Perry catches a 12-yard pass on first down and Michigan is back in the red zone.

Tru Wilson gets the handoff and gains 7 yards on first down to make it second-and-3 at the SMU 8-yard-line. Fullback Ben Mason gets the ball on two straight plays, getting 2 yards on first down and picking up the first down with a 3-yard run on the next play to make it first-and-goal at the 3.

Patterson almost turns it over again with a botched snap. He falls on it at the 5. Play-action opens up the right edge and Patterson makes a run for it before getting pushed out at the 2. Evans fights through defenders on third down and gets to the 6-inch-line.

Harbaugh wants his offense to go for it again.

Timeout SMU (7:02 2nd)

Timeout SMU (7:02 2nd)

After calling two straight timeouts, SMU has none remaining.

Ben Mason gets the ball on fourth down, and he's in the end zone without a doubt.

7-0 Michigan (6:56 2nd)

Michigan defense limits turnover damage, forces punt

Backed up against their own end zone, Ben Hicks throws it complete to James Proche for a gain of 13 that'll be the last play of the quarter.

0-0 tie (End 1st)

SMU's Mikial Onu is shown rocking a crown and pretending to sip out of a goblet as a reward for forcing a turnover on the BTN broadcast. 

Hicks tries Proche again on first down at the 15, but the completed pass goes for no gain. The two connect again on second down and this time its for a loss of 1 to make it third-and-11. William Brown enters the game at quarterback for SMU. His 1-yard run on third down isn't enough and SMU will punt.

Donovan Peoples-Jones calls for a fair catch at the Michigan 43-yard-line.

0-0 tie (14:03 1st)

Patterson picked in red zone

Michigan takes over from the 15-yard-line for the second consecutive possession.

The return of Ambry Thomas on offense gives Michigan a boost on first down, as he takes a jet sweep to the outside for a gain of 11.

Chris Evans gets to the 33-yard-line with a 7-yard run on first down. 

SMU safety Mikial Onu goes down on the play and is helped off the field with an apparent back injury.

Evans picks up 2 more yards on second down to make it third-and-1. He hits a big hole and gets down to the 43, moving the chains in the process.

Timeout Michigan (4:40 1st)

Shea Patterson has good protection on first down and he finds Zach Gentry near the sideline. Gentry dodges a diving defender and picks up a total of 32 for a first down at the SMU 25.

Chris Evans runs for 9 yards on first down but has nowhere to go on the next play as he's dropped for a loss of 1. He is stopped just short of the line-of-scrimmage. Michigan will roll the dice and keep its offense on the field.

Evans' number is called again, and he comes through for a gain of 2 that'll keep the drive alive.

Tru Wilson gets his first carry on first down and gains 2 yards to make it second-and-8 at the 12-yard-line. Wilson is tackled at the line to make it third-and-8.

It appeared that Patteron's third down pass was picked off by Onu, who was injured earlier on the drive, but the referees rule the pass incomplete. The tape tells a different tale, however, and the call will be reviewed.

The call is reversed. It'll be first-and-10 for SMU at the 2-yard-line.

0-0 tie (0:16 1st)

SMU drive stalls in Michigan territory

After the penalty, SMU will start with the ball at its own 42-yard-line.

After a 1-yard rush from Braeden West, the Mustangs cross into Michigan territory with a 10-yard run by William Brown.

Brown goes for 1 yard on first down and Xavier Jones loses that yard on second down after being wrapped up by Chase Winovich in the backfield. It'll be third-and-10. Ben Hicks is able to avoid getting hit by Rashan Gary in the pocket, but he's forced to get rid of the ball on third down with Gary's defensive-line counterparts breathing down his neck. 

Donovan Peoples-Jones returns the punt for 1 yard and Michigan will start at the 15.

0-0 tie (6:45 1st)

Michigan offense struggling to get going early

Karan Higdon remains sidelined, at least for now, as the Michigan offense takes the field.

Shea Patterson's first down pass falls incomplete. Patterson steps up in a collapsing pocket on second down, and is pass is nearly picked off by an SMU defender, but is instead deflected into the hands of Oliver Martin for a 19-yard gain to pick up a first down at the 34-yard-line.

Chris Evans gets 1 yard on second down and gains 4 yards on a check down throw to make it third-and-5. Patterson scrambles and tries to make his way to the edge, but Shaine Hailey plays it perfectly and wraps up the Michigan quarterback for a loss of one. 

Timeout SMU (9:07 1st)

James Proche fields the punt and advances it to the 25. A late hit by Jordan Glasgow tacks 15 yards onto the return.

Michigan defense bounces back after two SMU first downs

SMU is moving the ball quickly on its opening drive with an up-tempo offense.

Ben Hicks throws to Judah Bell for a gain of 10 on first down.

Braeden West rushes for 14 yards on first-and-10 from the 29.

Xavier Jones runs for a gain of 2 on first down at the SMU 45, and Hicks' next two passes fall incomplete. SMU will punt. SMU's drive ends as quickly as it started.

Jamie Sackville's punt goes for 40 yards and is fair caught at the 15 by Donovan Peoples-Jones.

0-0 tie (11:37 1st)

Michigan goes three-and-out on opening drive

Michigan will start with the ball in the first half.

Ambry Thomas takes a knee in the end zone and Michigan will start its opening drive from the 25-yard-line.

Chris Evans gets the ball to start the game and plows ahead 6 yards up the middle, then takes it to the outside on second down for a gain of 3. It's third-and-1. Evans is wrapped up behind the line on third down by Trevor Denbow for a loss of 2, and Michigan will punt.

Will Hart's punt is returned by James Proche to the SMU 19-yard-line.

0-0 tie (12:57 1st)

Michigan concludes the nonconference portion of its schedule with a 3:30 p.m. game Saturday against SMU. Follow the action here with live updates throughout the game by Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News

Michigan and SMU tangle at 3:30 Saturday in Ann Arbor.


When: Saturday, 3:30 p.m.

Where: Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor

TV/radio: BTN/WWJ 950

Records: Michigan 1-1, SMU 0-2

Line: Michigan by 35


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