Recap: Wolverines claw Nebraska at home, 56-10

By Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News
Michigan linebacker Jordan Glasgow sacks Nebraska's Adrian Martinez during the first half on Saturday.

Game leaders


UM - Shea Patterson: 15/22, 120 yds., TD

NU - Andrew Bunch: 6/9, 71 yds.


UM - Karan Higdon: 12 atts., 136 yds., TD

UM - Ben Mason: 6 atts., 18 yds., 3 TDs

NU - Andrew Bunch: 3 atts., 23 yds.


UM - Zach Gentry: 3 recs., 32 yds., TD

UM - Ronnie Bell: 1 rec., 56 yds., TD

NU - Stanley Morgan Jr.: 3 recs., 61 yds.

Turner runs out the clock for Michigan

Nebraska's kick goes through the end zone. First-and-10 at the 25 for Michigan.

Christian Turner is back out to carry the ball for Michigan. He runs for 7 yards on both first and second down to move the chains.

Turner runs for 3 yards on first down and 5 on second down. He picks up 3 more yards on a third-down run to keep the drive alive.

Peters take two kneel-downs to put Nebraska out of its misery.

56-10 Michigan (FINAL)

Nebraska finally finds the end zone

Andrew Bunch throws it complete to Tyjon Lindsey for a gain of 14 on first down.

Wyatt Mazour is stopped for no gain on the next play. On second down, Bunch's throw is complete to Mazour for a gain of 21. 

After Bunch released the ball, he was hit hard by Khaleke Hudson, who missed the first half of today's game after a second-half targeting call last week against SMU. Hudson was called again for targeting and has been ejected again, meaning he'll also miss the first half of next week's game at Northwestern.

With the penalty, Nebraska has it first-and-10 at the Michigan 30.

Mazour runs for 3 yards on first down. Defensive lineman Kwity Paye was hurt on the play; after the commercial break he walked off under his own power. Mazour gets to the outside on second down and breaks a couple tackles on his way to a 17-yard gain that'll make it first-and-goal at the 10.

Bunch throws a touchdown pass to Tyjon Lindsey on first down, but Nebraska is flagged for having an ineligible receiver downfield. 

On the next play, Bunch's incomplete throw yields a pass interference call that'll make it first-and-goal at the 2. Mazour loses 5 yards on first down. Michigan is flagged for jumping offside. It's second-and-goal at the 2. 

Mazour takes the handoff for a 3-yard touchdown run.

56-10 Michigan (4:14 1st)

Peters throws pick on first pass of season

Brandon Peters is now under center for Michigan. He hands it off to Christian Turner and he runs very hard downfield for a gain of 19. It'll be first-and-10 at the Nebraska 26.

Turner is wrapped up after a gain of 1 on the next play and runs for 5 yards on second down. Peters throws toward the end zone on third down, and Nebraska corner Deontai Williams comes down with it. The officials say he was out-of-bounds. It appears he got a knee down, however, so they'll review it.

The call is reversed. First down, Nebraska.

56-3 Michigan (7:20 4th)

Penalties compromise Nebraska drive

Devine Ozigbo loses a yard on first down. Andrew Bunch pulls the ball from Greg Ball and fools all the Michigan defenders, heading the other way. for a gain of 23.

Ozigbo runs for no gain on first down and Bunch loses 4 on second down. Nebraska is called for a chop block on a pass for positive yardage and the Cornhuskers are somehow back inside their own 15. Bunch's pass on third-and-23 falls incomplete.

Caleb Lightbourn's punt goes out-of-bounds at the Nebraska 45-yard-line.

56-3 Michigan (9:17 4th)

Michigan returns the ball to Nebraska quickly

O'Maury Samuels runs for 1 yard on first down. He fumbled at the end of the run, but it was recovered by Michigan lineman Andrew Vastardis, so Michigan will keep the ball. McCaffrey's next two passes miss the mark.

Both teams playing rather nonchalantly at this point.

Except Will Hart, of course, who takes exception to that accusation and plants his punt at the Nebraska 5.

56-3 Michigan (11:49 4th)

Another three-and-out for Nebraska

Jake Moody's kick is taken for a touchback. 

Greg Bell loses 2 yards on a first-down run and Andrew Bunch throws incomplete to Bell on second down. Bunch turns and fires to Tyjon Lindsey for a gain of 2. 

Nebraska's punt is downed at the 30.

56-3 Michigan (13:01 4th)

McCaffrey throws first touchdown pass of the day

McCaffrey goes over the top to an open Ambry Thomas on first down. It's a tad under-thrown, however, and Thomas has it knocked away.

Timeout Michigan (14:30 4th)

McCaffrey has Ronnie Bell open on. the sideline; this time he does not miss his receiver. Bell stutter steps on the lone Nebraska defender in pursuit, and Michigan puts another 6 points on the board.

56-3 Michigan (14:21 4th)

Nebraska offense gains 1 yard on way to three-and-out

Nebraska elects to take the ball at the 25. 

Maurice Washington gains no yards on first down.  On second down, Greg Bell picks up a yard on the ground.

End 3rd quarter

Andrew Bunch throws incomplete on third down.

Ronnie Bell gets his neck spun around on the return, and the 15-yard penalty will start Michigan's drive at the 44.

49-3 Michigan (14:38 4th)

Huge: Michigan gets field goal back

Nebraska's kickoff goes for a touchback. Dylan McCaffrey is in for the Wolverines.

McCaffrey fakes the handoff to O'Maury Samuels on first down and carries the rock all the way to the house. The play is then called back for holding. First-and-14.

Christian Turner rushes for 3 yards on first down. McCaffrey throws it complete to Tyler Grosz on second down for a gain of 15 to move the chains.

Samuels runs for 4 yards on first down and Oliver Martin catches a 14-yard pass on second down to get to the Nebraska 43. Michigan has another first down.

Samuels gains 4 yards on first down again. McCaffrey rushes for 17 yards to reach the Nebraska 22-yard-line. 

Turner gets it on first down and plows ahead for a gain of 2. McCaffrey's throw on second down falls incomplete, and on third down, he drops a beautiful fade to Oliver Martin in the end zone. The Wolverine receiver can't hold onto it, however, and Quinn Nordin will be out to try a 38-yard field goal.

Nordin's kick is good.

49-3 Michigan (1:03 3rd)

Nebraska gets on the board with field goal

Andrew Bunch has returned from an apparent knee injury. The Cornhuskers will start their drive from the 27.

Bunch completes a nice throw to JD Spielman on a quick slant route. He goes to Spielman again the next play, and he's taken down by Brandon Watson for a loss of 2. Devine Ozigbo runs for 6 yards to pick up the first down for Nebraska.

Nebraska is flagged for a false start and it'll be first-and-15 from the 35.

Bunch throws an incomplete pass on first down, but Michigan is called for two penalties: pass interference and holding. That'll give Nebraska a first down at the 50-yard-line.

Bunch throws it up to Stanley Morgan down the sideline and Morgan comes down with it for a gain of 27.

Ozigbo takes the pitch on first down and Devin Bush shows off his closing speed as he grabs the Nebraska back after a gain of 2. Ozigbo is wrapped up by Bush again on second down for a gain of 1. Michigan is called for offsides. It's third-and-2. 

Ozigbo is tackled for a loss of 3 yards on third down. Barret Pickering will try the 35-yard field goal.

Pickering's kick is good.

46-3 Michigan (5:23 3rd)

Nebraska backup QB hurt; Peoples-Jones returns punt for touchdown

Andrew Bunch checks in at quarterback from Nebraska. He goes up the middle for a gain of 4 on first down. His knee is twisted on the hit, and he's so far unable to get up. The hits just keep coming for the Cornhuskers.

When the FS1 broadcast returns, Bunch is seen heading to the medical tent. Adrian Martinez is back out there for Big Red.

Martinez rolls out of the pocket and tosses the ball out-of-bounds on second down. On third-and-6, Martinez dumps it off to JD Spielman, who's wrapped up behind the line for a loss of 1.

Donovan Peoples-Jones fields the punt around his own 40, gets to the outside after juking a few initial defenders, and cuts through the remaining Nebraska tacklers on his way to the end zone for another Michigan touchdown.

46-0 Michigan (9:01 3rd)

First Michigan drive in second half results in punt

Ambry Thomas fields the second half kick for Michigan and returns it to the 13-yard-line.

Shea Patterson pitches it to Grant Perry on the end-around for a gain of 5. O'Maury Samuels is stopped for no gain on second down. Patterson throws it complete to Perry from the shotgun on third-and-5 for a gain of 9.

Samuels takes the handoff and gains 9 yards on first down and 6 on second down.

Tru Wilson gets his first touch of the half on second-and-10 from the 42 and gets wrapped up for a loss of 3. The next snap goes over Patterson's head; he scoops it up, throws it complete to Grant Perry, who catches it for a loss of 9. Patterson gets rid of it under pressure on third down and Michigan will punt.

Tyjon Lindsey's return to the 28 is called back for holding. Nebraska will take over at its own 7-yard-line.

39-0 Michigan (10:25 3rd)

First half leaders


UM - Shea Patterson: 12/18, 115 yds., TD

NU - Adrian Martinez: 6/13, 23 yds., INT


UM - Karan Higdon: 12 atts., 136 yds., TD

UM - Ben Mason: 6 atts., 18 yds., 3 TDs

NU - Greg Bell: 4 atts., 4 yds.


UM - Zach Gentry: 3 recs., 32 yds., TD

NU - Stanley Morgan Jr.: 2 recs., 34 yds.

Michigan drive before half ends on fourth down

Lavert Hill returns the kick 21 yards to the Michigan 40-yard-line. Jordan Glasgow is called for holding, so the ball will be brought back to the 23.

Shea Patterson throws complete to Nico Collins for a gain of 5 on first down and hands it off to Tru Wilson on second down to pick up 4 more. 

Timeout Michigan (2:43 2nd)

On third-and-1, Tru Wilson rushes for 9 yards to move the sticks. 

Patterson throws complete to Sean McKeon for a 14-yard gain on first down to reach Nebraska territory.

Wilson rushes for a gain of 3 on the next play, and on second-and-7, Patterson is sacked for the first time today, losing 7 yards in the process.

Timeout Michigan (0:59 2nd)

Wilson's nifty spin move helps him evade a defender but doesn't allow him to pick up a first down. It'll be fourth-and-7.

Timeout Michigan (0:10 2nd)

Michigan goes for it on fourth down. Patterson throws an incomplete deep pass to Collins and Nebraska will take over.

39-0 Michigan (0:04 2nd)

Adrian Martinez throws an incomplete pass to end the half.

39-0 Michigan (End 2nd)

Things have gone from bad to worse for the Cornhuskers

Maurice Washington takes the kickoff and returns it to the 21-yard-line. Collin Miller is called for unnecessary roughness after the play, which'll bring Nebraska back to the 11.

Adrian Martinez keeps it on first down and rushes for a gain of 12. Nebraska is called or holding on the next play to make it first-and-20. JD Spielman loses a yard on first down. 

Martinez's second-down pass is batted at the line back to Martinez, who jumps up and catches it in the end zone, then throws it to the ground to avoid it being intercepted. Because he had control of the ball, that's the second forward pass of the play, and because he was in the end zone, Martinez is called for a safety. Par for today's course.

39-0 Michigan (3:59 2nd)

Higdon keeps it rolling with another touchdown drive

Karan Higdon takes the handoff on first down at the Nebraska 34, rumbling and stumbling his way to the Nebraska 9-yard-line for a gain of 25.

Higdon gets it again on the next play. He dives for the goal line but goes down at the 1. At the 1-yard-line, it's Ben Mason who gets the call. He scores his third touchdown of the game.

37-0 Michigan (5:25 2nd)

Sack party continues for Michigan defense

JD Spielman calls for a fair catch. Nebraska will get the ball at the 25.

Adrian Martinez is hit high and low as he lets a deep one go to an open Tyjon Lindsey. It bounces off the Nebraska receiver's hands.

A delay-of-game penalty makes it second-and-15.

Martinez is hit again on second down, but this time he still has the ball in his hands as he's taken down by Chase Winovich and Kwity Paye for a loss of 12. Martinez is sacked again on third down, this time by Devin Bush. Nebraska will punt on fourth-and-30.

Donovan Peoples-Jones dances down the sideline, making a few defenders miss as he gets to the Nebraska 34.

30-0 Michigan (6:44 2nd)

Michigan extends lead to 30 with Gentry touchdown

Michigan goes play-action on first down and Shea Patterson gets the chance to show off his arm with a 23-yard completion to Nico Collins. 

On the next play, Karan Higdon gets to the Nebraska 34 with a gain of 2. He picks up 3 more yards on second down. Patterson throws a dart to Donovan Peoples-Jones at the sideline for a gain of 10 to move the chains.

Tru Wilson takes the handoff on first down for a gain of 3. Patterson scrambles and throws an incomplete pass on second down to make it third-and-7. Patterson fits it in a tight window on a third-down throw, but it's only for a gain of 6. Michigan will go for it.

Higdon picks up a full head of steam and goes right at Aaron Williams, bowling over the Nebraska safety at the line-of-scrimmage and falling ahead for a gain of 3 to keep the drive alive. It's first-and-goal at the 9.

Ben Mason runs for 4 yards on first down. Patterson finds Zach Gentry standing all by himself in the end zone for another Michigan touchdown.

30-0 Michigan (8:20 2nd)

Nebraska goes three-and-out again

JD Spielman returns Jake Moody's kick for the first time today, reaching the Nebraska 17.

Greg Bell gets the ball on firs down and runs for a gain of two. Adrian Martinez throws to Tyjon Lindsey on second down, and his pass is swatted with authority by Josh Metellus before it can reach the receiver's hands. Third-and-8. Martinez is wrapped up for no gain and Nebraska will punt again.

Donovan Peoples-Jones catches it on the run but goes nowhere. Michigan will take over at the 41.

23-0 Michigan (12:48 1st)

Nordin bombs 50-yard field goal

Shea Patterson's throw on first down to Oliver Martin falls incomplete.

End of 1st quarter

On second down, Karan Higdon rushes for 3 yards. Patterson's throw to Zach Gentry on third down falls incomplete and Quinn Nordin will try a 50-yard field goal.

Nordin's kick has more than enough leg from 50 yards away, and Michigan is up 23.

23-0 Michigan (14:11 1st)

Michigan offense stopped for first time today

Shea Patterson throws incomplete to Donovan Peoples-Jones on first down. He gets it to Grant Perry on second down, but Antonio Reed contains the Michigan receiver nicely and stops him for no gain. Patterson throws incomplete on a third-down screen pass.

Michigan will punt for the first time today. After a false start, Will Hart's punt bounces in front of Nebraska returner Tyjon Lindsey, who's blown up and loses the ball. Ambry Thomas scoops it up and returns it all the way, but it's called back to the spot of recovery, the Nebraska 35.

20-0 Michigan (0:01 1st)

Nebraska drive cut short again

JD Spielman fields the kickoff at the 11, but calls for a fair catch anyway. Nebraska will take over at the 25.

Adrian Martinez dumps it off to Maurice Washington on a first-down screen, and Devin Bush does his best impression of a heat seeking missile as he crushes Washington for a loss of 4. Martinez is pressured heavily on second down and somehow avoids the sack as he throws it out-of-bounds. Martinez uses his legs to pick up the first down, making a couple nice moves on his way to a gain of 15.

Washington is stopped for a gain of 1 on both first and second down. Martinez's throw on third down sails over his intended receiver. Nebraska will punt.

Donovan Peoples-Jones lets the punt bounce out-of-bounds at the Michigan 13.

20-0 Michigan (1:07 1st)

Michigan offense firing on all cylinders

Shea Patterson rolls out on play-action and dumps it off to Sean McKeon and he gets upfield for a gain of 15 to reach the 49.

Karan Higdon loses 3 yards on second down. O'Maury Samuels takes the jet sweep, but can't get to the edge. He's taken down for a loss of 1. Patterson stands tall in the face of a third-down blitz and fires to Zach Gentry for a gain of 21 that'll give Michigan a fresh set of downs at the Nebraska 33.

Higdon loses a yard on first down and gets 3 yards on second down. Tru Wilson gets the handoff on third-and-8, throws a nice juke move to hit the hole cleanly and he cuts through the secondary for a gain of 26. It's first-and-goal at the 4.

Ben Mason gets his first handoff of the drive and scores his second touchdown of the game.

Quinn Nordin misses the PAT.

20-0 Michigan (3:09 1st)

Sack, sack, sack, sack, sack, sack! Everybody!

Jake Moody's kick is taken for a touchback.

Adrian Martinez takes the Nebraska snap from the shotgun and fires right to Stanley Morgan for a gain of 3. Martinez scrambles and throws on the run to Devine Ozigbo for a gain of 4 to make it third-and-3.

Michigan comes up with its second third-down sack of the first quarter, as Rashan Gary and Carlo Kemp tag team the Nebraska quarterback for a loss of 10.

Donovan Peoples-Jones calls for a fair catch at the 34.

14-0 Michigan (7:22 1st)

Higdon running the ball with ease; UM goes up 14

It's safe to say Karan Higdon is happy to be back on a football field. On first down from the Nebraska 44, he gets to the outside and turns on the jets down the sideline, getting all the way to the end zone. 

Higdon has 92 yards rushing on three carries, and we're not even halfway through the first.

14-0 Michigan (8:58 1st)

Michigan defense in hot pursuit

JD Spielman calls for a fair catch on the kickoff and Nebraska will take over at the 25.

Greg Bell is wrapped up for a gain of 1 on first down. Nebraska goes trips-right on second down and clears an opening on that side of the field for the screen, but Adrian Martinez's pass bounces off the hands of Bell to make it third-and-9. Jordan Glasgow clears the edge untouched and throws down Martinez for the easy sack. 

Donovan Peoples-Jones is collided with on the punt after calling fair catch. Michigan will take over at the Nebraska 44.

7-0 Michigan (9:19 1st)

Higdon's back, Michigan scores on opening drive

Karan Higdon is back after missing last week's game against SMU, and it's clear the rest did him well.

He catches a pass for 7 yards on first down from the 36, and on second down, runs for a gain of 46 to reach the Nebraska 11.

Higdon gains 2 yards on first down and Ben Mason picks up 6 yards on second down. Mason gets the ball again on third-and-2, and he picks up both yards needed for a first down. It's first-and-goal at the 1.

Mason lines up at fullback on first down and powers through the line for a touchdown.

7-0 Michigan (10:27 1st)

Metellus picks off opening drive pass

Michigan will kickoff to start the first half; the kick is taken for a touchback. Freshman quarterback Adrian Martinez is on the field for Nebraska.

Nebraska goes out of the shotgun on first down and Martinez gives to Greg Bell for a gain of 4. Bell gets it again on second down, this time getting wrapped up by Rashan Gary for a loss of 3. Martinez goes play-action on third-and-9, is pressured, and throws toward midfield that is caught by Stanley Morgan Jr. for a gain of 32.

On first-and-10 from the Michigan 32, Martinez's pass is tipped at the line and intercepted by Josh Metellus.

Michigan will take over at the 36.

0-0 tie (13:23 1st)

Michigan and Nebraska tangle in the Big Ten opener for both teams on Saturday at noon at Michigan Stadium. Follow the action here with live updates throughout the game by Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News.


Kickoff: Noon Saturday, Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor

TV/radio: FS1/950

Records: Nebraska 0-2, Michigan 2-1

Line: Michigan by 17


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