Former Michigan star linebacker / defensive back Jabrill Peppers, now in his second year with the Cleveland Browns, says he's always in danger of being harassed by disgruntled fans, even at the local CVS.

“So that’s one thing I notice about Cleveland sports – you guys are very, very wishy-washy,” he told the Chronicle-Telegram on Wednesday. “If it ain’t going right immediately, calling for heads, calling for jobs.”

Peppers, a safety and return man for the Browns, has 15 tackles, including one for loss, this season. He has eight kickoff returns (21.3-yard average) and six punt returns (4.3-yard average). The Browns are 1-2-1 this season after a winless 2017.

Peppers says he is most surprised by the face-to-face confrontations by fans.

“I try to be discreet and they walk up to me,” Peppers said. “I’m not a guy that walks around with security.”

Peppers believes that because he went to Michigan and is now playing two hours from Ohio State contributes to the fans’ vitriol.

“That definitely plays a part in it,” he said.

Peppers added to "I kind of expected it. Some people feel that way about me because of my college choice. I just have to play better and make plays on the field and get them to like me."

Peppers tried to soften his comments on Thursday, claiming that he was speaking about NFL fans generally, not just Browns fans.

“I love the Browns. I love the city of Cleveland,” Peppers said Thursday.