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Penn State up next on Michigan's 'revenge tour'

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Michigan defensive end Chase Winovich (15) says the Wolverines are on a "Revenge Tour."

Ann Arbor — Not surprisingly, fifth-year Michigan defensive end Chase Winovich is the author of the “revenge tour” mantra that, well, some of his teammates hadn’t even heard about until a week or so ago. 

But they're embracing the concept.

During a postgame interview after beating Wisconsin, Winovich said the fifth-ranked Wolverines were on a tour to essentially deliver payback for some critical losses during last year’s 8-5 season.

They’ve been checking the boxes during their seven-game winning streak.

Win over Wisconsin, which beat Michigan, 24-10, last year? Check.

Win over Michigan State, which won, 14-10, last year? Check.

Now the Wolverines are preparing for No. 14 Penn State, which mauled Michigan, 42-13, last year. The Nittany Lions play at Michigan Stadium on Saturday, and Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown said last week that he wakes up every morning thinking about that game a year ago.

Winovich said he was thinking during the summer about last season when he hatched the “revenge tour” in his mind. Michigan also lost to Ohio State last season, 31-20, and will face the Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium in the regular-season finale. The game against Penn State is the last of a three-game stretch that began against Wisconsin and then at Michigan State before a bye last Saturday.

“It wasn’t something I was vocal about,” Winovich said Monday. “We knew we had revenge to give out just on the people who were kind of bullying us, I’d say, just beating up on us last year. They kind of took advantage of our … I think we were kind of in an in-between year and something about that gave me a bad taste in my mouth.

“I knew me, personally, I wanted our lunch money back and I wanted them to pay interest.”

Winovich said the “revenge” the Wolverines are seeking isn’t just about the teams that beat the Wolverines last season.

“Collectively as a team, it’s our thought process,” Winovich said. “I don’t even think it’s just exclusive to teams that beat us last year. It’s just the way we played in general last year. We needed to do better. It’s our attitude (for) everybody, every week. You know where to find the smoke, that’s all I’m going to say. We’re going to play our hearts out and have fun doing it.”

Defensive tackle  Carlo Kemp laughed about Winovich’s creation of the “Revenge Tour,” but said there is something to it.

“The revenge tour — I think Chase said that in an interview — it’s just one game at a time, we have a lot of bad taste from last year, and we just don’t want to feel that way anymore,” Kemp said Monday. “We want to go out there and we want to win these big games.

“So we’re just putting everything we have, that feeling from last year, saving it up until we can bring it back into this week which from last year when we played Penn State, definitely didn’t like that outcome. It’s been sitting in the back of our minds. You don’t think about that because you have to prepare for a new team every single week, but now you can bring it right here to the front of your mind as we go into this Penn State game.”

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