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‘We gotta get one’: Michigan fight song fires up Tom Brady on eve of game vs. Ohio State

The Detroit News

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got fired up Friday when Michigan’s fight song “The Victors” blared through the speakers during practice.

Tom Brady

Brady, who played for the Wolverines, told reporters he’s looking forward to Saturday’s Michigan vs. Ohio State game. The top-ranked Buckeyes are unbeaten and have won seven straight against Michigan and 14 of the last 15.

“We gotta get one," Brady said Friday, according to NBC Sports Boston. “Wolverines gotta get one. It's gonna be tough.

Brady won’t be able to watch The Game live because the Patriots will be traveling to Houston on Saturday.

He said he likes 10th-ranked Michigan's chances.

"I've lost a lot of money over the years betting on saying 'yes,’” Brady told reporters. “I'm hopeful. Hope's not a strategy, but I'm hopeful."