Michigan's Aidan Hutchinson and family issue challenge to 'get healthy'

The Detroit News

It’s always good video content when fiery Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson can make fun of his father, Chris Hutchinson, a former captain, Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year and All-American.

In the latest installment of the ChadTough Foundation’s #stayathome challenge released Thursday morning, Aidan Hutchinson, at home with his family, issued a challenge to “get healthy.” His family members then proceed to show just how they’re going about it.

Aidan Hutchinson

With Madness’ “Our House” playing in the background, Chris Hutchinson opens the video gritting his teeth through a couple of pushups while his wife, Melissa, checks her phone until Chris, an emergency room physician at Royal Oak Beaumont, accidentally knocks her off. Later, he’s seen on a couch with a bag of Doritos that Aidan replaces with bananas.

Aidan Hutchinson, meanwhile, is the vision of great health by eating healthy, drinking gallons of water, doing handstand pushups and leaping over his sister.