Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard issued a statement on Monday, responding to the death of George Floyd and the riots that have followed nationwide.

Howard posted this message on Twitter:

“As a country we must do better. As a nation of diverse people we must stand strong. As a black community we must rise up and let our voices be heard. However, we must do so peacefully.

“Looting, vandalism and destruction only creates more pain. It hurts the cause instead of letting it blossom.

“Witnessing murders of unarmed black men has been gut wrenching. Knowing my very sons are at risk is a fear Jenine and I live with every day.

“Focus … unite … speak out … grow. Don’t let up in this fight. Remember we need to do this together … all of us … as one.

“We must leave this world better for our children. We have united for the COVID-19 fight, which has taken so many lives. We can unite for this … we must … we can defeat racism!”

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