Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, Juwan Howard to take 10-percent salary cuts

The Detroit News

Michigan athletic department coaches and administrators, including Jim Harbaugh and Juwan Howard, will have their salaries reduced from Aug. 1 through the end of the fiscal year 2020-21, it was announced Monday.

Football coach Harbaugh and men’s basketball coach Howard will have their salaries reduced by 10 percent, as will other head coaches, athletic director Warde Manuel, and other senior-level administrators in the athletic department.

Jim Harbaugh

Harbaugh’s total annual compensation is $7.5 million, Howard’s is $2.2 million and Manuel’s is $990,000.

UM athletic department employees earning $50,000-$100,000 will have salaries reduced by 5 percent, and those earning $100,001-$150,000 will see a wage reduction of 7.5 percent. Staffers earning less than $50,000 will not have any reduction in pay.

Last week, Manuel presented the UM athletic department budget for fiscal year 2020-21, which begins July 1, and it included a projected budget deficit of $26.1 million.

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