Former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer: Not sorry for running it up against Michigan

The Detroit News

Former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has never minced words when it comes to facing arch-rival Michigan.

Meyer was 7-0 against the Wolverines while OSU head coach, including a 62-39 victory in 2018, his final rivalry game.

Former Ohio State head coach coach Urban Meyer was 7-0 in his career against Michigan.

During an interview on the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday, Meyer was asked if he every felt sorry roughing up Michigan or running up the score.

“This is going to create a lot of headlines, but no,” Meyer said.

Patrick then asked Meyer if the objective is to run up the score on Michigan if possible.

“How can I answer this politically correct?” Meyer said. “Our players work that game every year. You get a chance to go in and play, I’m not going to tell them to slow down, if that answers your question.”