Recap: Michigan stumps Washington at Big House, 31-10

Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News

Michigan ran the ball. And then the Wolverines ran it again. And again, and again, and again, until it finally sent Washington sprinting in the opposite direction of Ann Arbor, smashing the Huskies 31-10 at the Big House.


Final leaders


► UM - Cade McNamara: 7/15, 44 yds.

► WU - Dylan Morris: 


► UM - Blake Corum: 21 atts., 171 yds., 3 TD

► WU - Richard Newton: 


► UM - Cornelius Johnson: 1 att., 33 yds.

► WU - Taj Davis: 3 rec., 47 yds.

Second-half highlights

Haskins might not have had the big touchdown run that Corum had, but he made the most of his touches — and he got a lot of them. Here he is finally breaking the plane for his first touchdown of the game 

Aidan Hutchinson terrorized a Washington offense that was already reeling heading into Saturday. Here he is in the second half, making one of his 2.5 sacks on the game.

As you can probably tell by his statline, Blake Corum had himself a heck of a game. Here's his second touchdown of the game and fourth of the season.

For more highlights from Saturday's win over Washington, see the first-half highlights section below.

Michigan ices game with Corum's third TD

Washington will get it at the 18 after Michigan failed to extend the lead.

Dylan Morris completes passes to Giles Jackson and Taj Davis that move the ball to Washington's 32 for a new set of downs.

A holding penalty sets up first-and-20 for Washington, but Morris gets a good amount of it back with a 13-yard throw to Terrell Bynum. He gets 3 yards on a second-down pass to Davis and then scrambles for a 7-yard gain to move near Michigan territory at the Washington 45, with a new set of downs. 

Morris scrambles and throws to Jackson for 11 yards, but then misses his next four passes, turning the ball over on downs.

Michigan 24, Washington 10 (7:01 4th)

Hassan Haskins continues to batter the Washington defense, rushing for 16, 2, 11, 5, 2 and 3 more. It's first-and-10 at the 17.

Michigan changes it up, and by changing it up, they mean give the ball to Blake Corum. He pushes forward for 6 yards, but loses a yard on the next play, and then gets it into the end zone on third down.

Michigan 31, Washington 10 (1:48 4th)

Michigan offense struggling through the air as Washington gets ball right back

Michigan takes over at the 29, leading 24-10 with 11:59 left in the game.

Donovan Edwards rushes for 4, Cade McNamara loses another yard on a passing attempt, and McNamara throws incomplete.

Brad Robbins' punt is returned to the Washington 18.

Michigan 24, Washington 10 (10:15 4th)

Washington cuts Michigan lead to 24-10

Washington takes over at the 25, trailing 24-3 with 12:04 left in the fourth.

Jackson Giles' 1-yard run winds up a big gain for the Huskies after Michigan is flagged for unnecessary roughness.

Dylan Morris goes back to Giles Jackson, a 33-yard completion, and gets the ball to Terrell Bynum on an end-zone shot just two plays later. Washington makes it a two-score game again.

Michigan 24, Washington 10 (12:04 4th)

Michigan answers Washington scoring drive with TD

Michigan takes over at the 25, leading 17-3 with 5:54 left in the third.

Hassan Haskins rushes for 3- and 1-yard gains, then Michigan stops its run of 11 consecutive run plays with a 9-yard completion to...Blake Corum.

Haskins runs for 4, then runs for 2, bring up third down again, where Corum rushes for 3 yards. Fun football being played here. Haskins barely gets across the marker to move the chains, but he does it with the 1-yard gain nonetheless.

McNamara fumbles the next exchange, losing 3. He has to throw it away on second down. Corum doesn't get close to the first-down marker on third down, but he really upset the Washington defender that he tried to hurdle, and that winds up giving Michigan new life because of an ensuing personal foul.

A 9-yard run by Haskins ends the quarter.

END 3RD: Michigan 17, Washington 3

McNamara takes off on second down for a gain of 9 to the Washington 25 that moves the chains.

Blake Corum gets Michigan yet another first down at the 6 with a 10-yard run to the left tackle. Haskins punches it in on the next play.

Michigan 24, Washington 3 (13:56 4th)

Washington gets on board, halts 19 straight scoreless drive streak

Washington takes over at the 18 with a 17-0 deficit. 

Cameron Davis rushes for 6, then 1, to make it third-and-3. Dylan Morris gets the ball to Cade Otton on third down for a gain of 4 that moves the chains.

Michigan then forces two straight incompletions before Morris comes up and throws complete to Taj Davis for a gain of 17 to the Washington 48.

Newton gets 6 yards on a first-down carry, then Davis moves the chains with a gain of 4.

Morris completes a slant to Terrell Bynum that goes for 18 yards, and Washington looks like it might have a chance to get in the end zone here.

After a 2-yard run by Davis, Giles Jackson takes it on the end-around and gets all the way to the Michigan 10 for a first down.

Davis is stopped for another gain of 2 on first down, and Morris is sacked for a loss of 2 on second down. His third-down throw goes way over the head of his intended receiver.

Peyton Henry hits a 28-yard field goal to get Washington on the board and stop a 19-drive drought without points.

Michigan 17, Washington 3 (5:54 3rd)

Corum's second TD puts Michigan up 17-0

Michigan gets the ball to start the first half, and it'll take over at the 27 after a return by Blake Corum.

Hassan Haskins picks up 4 yards with first-and-second down runs, and then catches the edge for a gain of 20 yards on third down to the Washington 45. 

Now it's Haskins again, and this time it's for 11 yards to the 34. Then it's Corum for 17, and this Michigan running game is on a roll. 

Corum's 6-yard carry on first down makes it second-and-4 at the Washington 11: Corum gets it twice more, runs of 4 and 7 yards, to get in the end zone for the second time tonight.

Michigan 17, Washington 0 (10:52 3rd)

First-half recap

First-half leaders


► UM - Cade McNamara: 4/10, 30 yds. 

► WU - Dylan Morris: 9/15, 111 yds.


► UM - Blake Corum: 11 atts., 107 yds., TD

► WU - Richard Newton: 10 atts., 17 yds.


► UM - Cornelius Johnson: 1 att., 33 yds.

► WU - Taj Davis: 3 rec., 47 yds.

First-half highlights

Let's cut it to ya straight: This was not a pretty half of football. But Michigan did manage to come out of the second quarter with the game's first touchdown, and it was one heck of a run by Blake Corum.

Love defense? This was the half for you. Aidan Hutchinson did this...

Aaaaaand then this...

Michigan stumped before half, leads Washington 10-0

Washington takes over at its own 34, trailing 10-0 with 2:29 to go in the half.

Dylan Morris forces a first-down throw down the right sideline that's broken up by Brad Hawkins. Aidan Hutchinson is sick of Morris trying to throw the ball, and sacks him again — loss of 5. Hutchinson is hot on Morris' tail again on third down, forcing him to throw it away.

The punt is returned to Michigan's 12.

Michigan 10, Washington 0 (1:22 2nd)

Blake Corum is stopped for a gain of 2. 

Timeout #2 Washington (1:13 2nd)

Cade McNamara's second-down throw is caught for a gain of 1.

Timeout #3 Washington (1:07 2nd)

Washington forces a punt with a few seconds left in the half, misses a throw to Giles Jackson, and then completes two passes that aren't anywhere near the end zone.

END 2ND: Michigan 10, Washington 0

Michigan's attempt to extend lead before halftime stifled

Michigan takes over at the 33 with 5:12 left in the half after recovering the Washington fumble. The Wolverines can deliver a death blow if they're able to get in the end zone.

Hassan Haskins is stopped for 2, and a 7-yard gain on second down is erased because of a personal foul. It's second-and-16: Blake Corum goes up the middle for 6, and is then stopped for no gain on third down.

Brad Robbins' punt goes out of bounds at the Washington 34.

Michigan 10, Washington 0 (2:29 2nd)

Michigan 'D' forces fumble on crucial fourth down

After the touchdown, Washington trails 10-0. They'll start at the 25, after a touchback.

Dylan Morris throws for 6 on first down, and the two Washington backs pick up a first down over the next two plays.

Morris throws complete to Devin Culp for a 7-yard pickup to the Washington 43. Richard Newton's second-down carry goes for 2, bringing up second-and-1. Washington initially gets enough to move the chains, but after review, it is ruled that the Huskies are short.

Washington moves the chains with a 1-yard run by Morris on fourth down. Then Morris throws complete to Cade Otton, a 17-yard gain to the Michigan 37, and now Washington is cooking with gas.

A 5-yard reception by Jack Westover brings up second-and-5 at the 32, which is misfired to Giles Jackson. Newton's 1-yard run on third down brings up fourth-and-4: Aidan Hutchinson cracks Newton in the backfield, and Brad Hawkins came in to rip the ball out.

Michigan recovers at the 33, where it'll be first-and-10 going the other way.

Michigan 10, Washington 0 (5:12 2nd)

Corum gives Michigan first touchdown of game

Michigan will start its next drive from its own 21. Three runs by Blake Corum aren't enough to move the chains.

Michigan will punt — or so it appears. A direct snap to Erick All moves the chains, and on the very next play, Corum goes 67 yards for a Michigan touchdown.

Michigan 10, Washington 0 (9:47 2nd)

Washington punts after rebounding from bad field position

Washington takes over at the 1-yard-line with under a minute to go in the quarter.

Cameron Davis is stopped for no gain on first down. Dylan Morris throws out-of-bounds, but is pushed to the ground while letting go of the ball, and Michigan is called for roughing the passer.

It's first-and-10 for the Huskies at the 16, and Giles Jackson — the former Wolverine — is absolutely creamed for a loss of 4 that will end the quarter.

END 1ST: Michigan 3, Washington 0 

Cameron Davis rushes for 4 yards, and after a false start, it'll be third-and-15: Morris completes a throw to Taj Davis that's good for 16. First down, Washington, at the 27.

Davis rushes for 3 yards on first down. A 6-yard pass to Davis and rush for no gain brings up fourth-and-1. Washington rushes to the line to go for it, but Michigan calls timeout.

Michigan timeout #1 (12:22 2nd)

Washington now opts to punt.

Michigan 3, Washington 0 (12:16 2nd)

Michigan stopped at goal line on fourth down

Michigan takes over at the 40 with a 3-0 lead and 5:43 to go in the opening frame.

Cade McNamara's first-down pass is caught, but for no gain. Hassan Haskins moves the chains with rushes for 8 and 4 yards to the Washington 48.

McNamara is absolutely splattered from behind by a pass rusher while trying to get off a first-down throw that flails to the turf, incomplete. A false start sets up second-and-15, which ends with McNamara's pass getting tipped at the line and also falling incomplete.

McNamara's throw on third down is perfectly thrown to the back shoulder of Cornelius Johnson; he comes up with it and takes off for the middle of the field, going down at the Washington 20 for a gain of 33.

Blake Corum picks up 2 on first down and 2 on second down. Corum gets a big hole on third down and nearly gets into the end zone, going down at the 2-yard-line, where the Wolverines will set up, first-and-goal.

Haskins is dropped for no gain on first down. McNamara looked surprised to receive the shotgun snap on second down, and that play ends with him throwing the ball out of the end zone. Haskins is stopped at the 1-yard-line on third down.

Michigan goes for it, but doesn't appear to get it. Haskins went over the top and was stopped inches short of the plane. The play is being reviewed.

The play stands. It's first-and-10, Washington.

Michigan 3, Washington 0 (0:54 1st)

Washington comes up empty after Michigan field goal

Washington takes over at the 25, trailing 3-0, with 7:18 left in the first quarter.

Richard Newton has nowhere to go on first down and is stopped for no gain. The second-down carry goes for 2, and the third-down pass from Dylan Morris is thrown out of bounds with Josh Ross in hot pursuit. 

Race Porter's punt then goes out of bounds after just 33 yards.

Michigan 3, Washington 0 (5:43 1st)

Michigan takes 3-0 lead on Washington in first quarter

Michigan will start at the 46 with the chance to break a scoreless tie and 8:43 remaining in the first quarter.

Hassan Haskins rumbles through the middle for a gain of 16 yards to the Washington 38.

McNamara's wide-receiver screen on first down is incomplete. Haskins picks up 4 on second down. Washington brings the heat as McNamara looks to pick up the first down with his arm, disrupting the throw to Erick All.

Jake Moody boots home a 52-yard field goal to give the Wolverines a lead.

Michigan 3, Washington 0 (7:18 1st)

Michigan gets stop with third-down sack

Washington takes over at its own 26 in a scoreless game. Just under 11 minutes to go in the opening frame.

There's another flag on the field. This time it's against the Huskies, and it's a doozy: Julius Buelow is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct (although it looked like it might have been his teammate that threw a punch after the 2-yard run).

Regardless, it's second-and-22.

Dylan Morris gets back a chunk of it with a screen to the tight end Cade Otton that goes for a pickup of 12, and will bring up third-and-10.

Timeout #1 Washington (9:38 1st)

Morris drops back on third down, escapes one pass rusher, can't get past the next, and then he's brought down by three swarming Wolverines for a loss of 4.

Caden Kolesar returns the punt to the Michigan 46.

Michigan 0, Washington 0 (8:43 1st)

Michigan offense gets stumped on first drive

It's Michigan's ball at the 12 after the booming punt by Washington.

And now Michigan is flagged for a false start. Maybe the Big House isn't having such a great start, after all.

Hassan Haskins gives the Wolverines some breathing room with a 7-yard carry on first down, then picks up 9 on a run to the strong side to bring up first-and-10 at the 23.

Blake Corum gets his first touch of the game, a 5-yard run. He's then blown up for a 4-yard loss, which brings up a third-down passing situation that is defended down the sideline. Michigan will punt.

Brad Robbins' punt is fair caught at the 26.

Michigan 0, Washington 0 (10:42 2nd)

Michigan defense gets 3-and-out on opening drive

The Big House is off to a rousing start. Washington takes over after a touchback, and takes a false start before the first snap is made. 

It'll be first-and-15 at the 20.

And the 'new-look' Michigan defense is off to a rousing start as well, as Josh Ross explodes through the middle to drop Richard Newton for a loss of 2. Newton gets 12 yards on the next play, but the third-down throw from Dylan Morris misses the mark and falls incomplete.

The punt is fair caught at the Michigan 12.

Michigan 0, Washington 0 (13:27)


The Wolverines (1-0) kicked off the 2021 season with a convincing 47-14 romp over Western Michigan, racking up 335 yards and three touchdowns on the ground while holding the Broncos’ offense in check. However, the victory proved costly as receiver Ronnie Bell suffered a season-ending knee injury.

The Huskies (0-1) entered the season ranked No. 20 and opened it with a thud in a 13-7 home loss to Montana. They’ll be motivated to bounce back after becoming the first ranked FBS team to lose to a FCS team in five years.

Washington at Michigan

 Kickoff: 8 p.m. Saturday, Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor

► TV/radio: ABC/950

► Records: Washington 0-1; Michigan 1-0

 Line: Michigan by 6