Recap: Haskins' 5 TDs lead Michigan to 42-27 win over Ohio State

Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News


Michigan overcame the daunting Ohio State attack and Hassan Haskins had five rushing touchdowns, as the Michigan Wolverines are headed to Indianapolis for the first time with a 42-27 win over the Buckeyes on Saturday in Ann Arbor.

WATCH: Highlights from the Michigan-Ohio State showdown

Michigan closes out Ohio State

C.J. Stroud and Ohio State take over in their own territory. They convert a long pass to Chris Olave, but a sack by David Ojabo for a loss of 13 on third-and-5 is the dagger in Ohio State's heart.

The fourth-down pass is incomplete. Michigan is going to win the football game.

FINAL: Michigan 42, Ohio State 27

Michigan takes two-score lead with 2:17 left

A.J. Henning puts together another great return to give Michigan starting field position at its own 37. The Wolverines lead, 35-27, with 4:39 to go in the game. They can ice it with a long drive here.

Hassan Haskins rushes for 15 to start the drive. He rushes for 6, then 11, and forces Ohio State to take its first timeout before setting up first-and-10 at the Ohio State 31.

Timeout #1 Ohio State (3:00 4th)

Haskins can't stop, and he won't stop. He takes the next carry for a gain of 27 all the way to the Ohio State 4, and then scores on the next play, his fifth of the game.

Michigan 42, Ohio State 27 (2:17 4th)

Ohio State makes it a one-score game late

Ohio State takes over at its own 25, trailing Michigan 35-20 with 9:14 to go in the fourth.

C.J. Stroud hits Chris Olave with a bomb down the sideline that goes for a gain of 39 to the Michigan 38. It'll be third-and-1 after a short run and throw. TreVeyon Henderson moves the chains with a 2-yard run.

Stroud's first-down throw to Chris Olave is incomplete, but Michigan's Chris Hinton was hurt on the play. He eventually walks off under his own power. Stroud fumbles the second-down snap and falls on it for a loss of 4 to bring up third-and-14. A pass to Henderson gets 6 of it, and that'll make it fourth-and-7. 

Ohio State is going for it.

Timeout #1 Michigan (5:50 4th)

Ohio State converts with a 9-yard completion to Garrett Wilson.

Stroud throws incomplete on first down, runs into the end zone on the next play, but a holding penalty brings it back. It's then third-and-20 after a second-down incompletion. Wilson hauls in a 15-yard pass on third down, and Ohio State scores on fourth-and-5 with a screen to Henderson.

Michigan 35, Ohio State 27 (4:45 4th)

Michigan answers by taking 35-20 lead in 4Q

A.J. Henning gives Michigan starting field position at the 34. The Wolverines lead, 28-20, with 14 minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

After a first-down run for no gain, Cade McNamara takes off and slides at the Michigan 43 for a gain of 9. McNamara then gets Ohio State to jump offsides, and that'll give Michigan first-and-10 at the 49.

Hassan Haskin's next two carries go for a total of 14 yards, and that'll give Michigan a first down at the 37 of Ohio State. A 6-yard run completion to Donovan Edwards and 2-yard run by Haskins sets up third-and-2, where Roman Wilson draws a pass interference call to give Michigan a new set of downs at the 14.

Blake Corum rushes for 9 on the first-down handoff, and Haskins reaches the 2 to bring up first-and-goal. Haskins gets in on the next play, and Michigan goes back up by two scores.

Michigan 35, Ohio State 20 (9:14 4th)

Ohio State cuts deficit to start 4Q

Ohio State takes over at its own 18, trailing 28-13 in the third quarter.

C.J. Stroud gets the ball to Chris Olave for a gain of 11 on first down, then throws to him, incomplete, on the next play. It's second-and-10 at the 30. The next two passes go to Jaxon Smith-Njigba for a total of 18 yards to the Ohio State 48, where it'll be first-and-10.

A run on second down brings up third-and-5 for Ohio State at the Michigan 47: Stroud hits Garrett Wilson for a pickup of 9 to the Michigan 38 for another first down.

Aidan Hutchinson picks up his third sack of the day for a loss of 5. That's the new single-season sack record at Michigan. Miyan Williams is dropped for another loss of 4, bringing up third-and-19: Smith-Njigba makes a miraculous catch for 26 yards to keep the drive alive.

The play is now under review.

After review, the call stands. It's first-and-10 at the Michigan 21.

Michigan gets Ohio State to third-and-5 with good pressure on second down, and Williams is stuffed for a gain of just 1 to bring the third quarter to a close. It'll be fourth-and-4 when we return.

END 3RD: Michigan 28, Ohio State 13

Ohio State is going to go for it on fourth-and-4 to start the fourth quarter.

Smith-Njigba looks like he drops the fourth-down pass, but it's ruled a catch, anyway. Refs don't review it, and Ohio State scores a couple plays later.

Michigan 28, Ohio State 20 (14:05 4th)

Tempers flare as Michigan takes 28-13 lead

Michigan takes over at its own 22, leading 21-13.

Donovan Edwards reels in a one-handed catch on first down, and J.J. McCarthy enters the game to hit Roman Wilson down the sideline for a gain of 31.

Michigan runs to the line — flea flicker. Cade McNamara hits Mike Sainristil for a gain of 34 to the Ohio State 7-yard-line, where it'll be first-and-goal.

McCarthy keeps on first down, gets to the sideline, and goes out of bounds at the 2.

There's a huge scuffle after the play as Roman Wilson has his helmet ripped off by Ohio State's Cameron Brown, and that'll be a penalty that gives Michigan first-and-goal at the 1. Wow.

Haskins reaches the corner of the end zone on the next play, and Michigan is up two scores.

Michigan 28, Ohio State 13 (5:49 3rd)

Another third-down sack ends Ohio State drive

The Buckeyes take over first-and-10 at the 25, trailing 21-13 in the third quarter.

A holding penalty makes it first-and-20, but TreVeyon Henderson rushes for 9 and C.J. Stroud finds Garrett Wilson for 16 to give Ohio State a first down at the 42.

Wilson then catches a 5-yard pass, but a false start makes it second-and-10, back at the 42.

Aidan Hutchinson sacks Stroud on third down to end the threat. The punt goes out of bounds at Michigan's 22.

Michigan 21, Ohio State 13 (11:50 3rd)

Michigan forces 3-and-out, marches down field to extend lead

Ohio State takes over at the 25 to start the second half. It's 14-13, Michigan.

TreVeyon Henderson rushes for 5, then 3, then is cracked by Josh Ross on third-and-2 for a loss of 2, and that's a huge stop out of the half for Michigan.

Jesse Mirco's punt is downed at the 19 of Michigan.

Michigan 14, Ohio State 13 (13:05 3rd)

Blake Corum takes the first-down carry for Michigan to the 32-yard-line for a gain of 13. Corum takes his next carry all the way down to the Ohio State 13-yard-line with a 55-yard run, and the Wolverines are in business.

Hassan Haskins gets it on the next play and rides his blockers into the end zone for a Michigan touchdown. This is a dream start to the half for the Wolverines.

Michigan 21, Ohio State 13 (11:50 3rd)

First half leaders


UM - Cade McNamara: 10/16, 113 yds.

OSU - C.J. Stroud: 14/21, 171 yds., TD


UM - Hassan Haskins: 15 atts., 71 yds., TD

OSU - TreVeyon Henderson: 8 atts., 45 yds.


UM - Cornelius Johnson: 2 recs., 48 yds.

OSU - Jaxon Smith-Njigba: 6 recs., 68 yds.

Ohio State cuts deficit with FG before half

Ohio State takes over at its own 25, and it doesn't take them long to get moving.

A 14-yard gain to TreVeyon Henderson moves the chains, and then a completion to Jaxon Smith-Njigba on third down just a few plays later moves them again. 

A 9-yard completion makes it second-and-1 at the 39 of Michigan, but the Buckeyes get backed up by a false start. An incompletion brings up third-and-6. Chris Olave easily hauls in a 9-yard gain to move the chains and bring up first-and-10 at the 35.

Then it's a 15-yard completion to make it first down at the 20.

Stroud is hit as he throws on the next play, and an easy interception is dropped by R.J. Moten. Tough break for the Wolverines. A 3-yard run brings up third-and-7.

Timeout #1 Ohio State (0:32 2nd)

Moten makes up for his drop by bringing down Smith-Njigba short of the sticks on third down.

Timeout #3 Michigan (0:13 2nd)

Noah Ruggles puts home the 30-yard field goal to trim Michigan's lead to 1.

Michigan 14, Ohio State 13 (0:09 2nd)

Michigan hands the ball off to bleed the clock and will head into halftime with a lead.

END 2ND: Michigan 14, Ohio State 13

13-play drive puts Michigan back on top

Michigan takes over at its own 18, trailing 10-7 in the second quarter.

Cade McNamara nearly throws an interception on first down with defenders in hot pursuit. Erick All makes it third-and-3 with a 7-yard reception. McNamara hits Cornelius Johnson for a gain of 11 to keep the drive alive.

Hassan Haskins runs for 6 yards on his next two carries to give Michigan another first down at the 48.

After a first-down incompletion, Luke Schoonmaker hauls in a 9-yard reception to make it third-and-1. Haskins is stuffed, and Michigan will go for it at the 43 of Ohio State.

Timeout #2 Michigan (5:30 2nd)

Haskins gets enough on fourth-and-1, pushing ahead to the Ohio State 40, where it'll be first-and-10.

McNamara makes the throw of his life to get a diving Cornelius Johnson for a gain of 38 to the 2, where it'll be first-and-goal.

Haskins is stuffed on first down, but dives over the pile on second down to put Michigan back on top.

Michigan 14, Ohio State 10 (3:51 2nd)

Ohio State takes lead for first time

Michigan starts at its own 10, leading 7-3 in the second quarter.

Two short runs by Hassan Haskins brings up third-and-7 in a hurry. Cade McNamara's pass to Donovan Edwards down the sideline is caught, but out of bounds. 

Jaxon Smith-Njigba returns the punt 5 yards to the Ohio State 44.

Michigan 7, Ohio State 3 (10:51 2nd)

Ohio State takes over at its own 44.

A 10-yard pass on first down goes to Garrett Wilson and brings up first-and-10 at the Michigan 46. 

TreVeyon Henderson is cracked for a loss of 2, but C.J. Stroud hits Smith-Njigba for a gain of 23 to the 25, and on the very next play, Stroud goes over the top to Garrett Wilson for an Ohio State touchdown.

Ohio State 10, Michigan 7 (9:12 2nd)

Michigan gets pressure on Stroud to end drive early

The Buckeyes take over at their own 18 after the penalty on the punt.

It's second-and-12 after a 3-yard run and false start penalty. The second-down pass goes for 8 to bring up third-and-4, where C.J. Stroud hits TreVeyon Henderson for a pickup of 25 to the Ohio State 49.

Stroud's next throw is dropped. It'll be third-and-9 after a 1-yard run on second down. Stroud has Chris Olave wide-open near the chains, but Mike Morris gets his hand up to knock down the pass at the line of scrimmage.

Now Michigan's punt returner is interfered with while calling for a fair catch, but this time there's no call.

It'll be first-and-10 at the 10.

Michigan 7, Ohio State 3 (12:14 2nd)

Michigan comes up short in Ohio State territory, punts

Michigan will take over at its own 25, leading 7-3 with 3:36 to go in the first quarter.

A short run and quick pass makes it an early third-and-2. Hassan Haskins rushes for the 41 for a gain of 8 that'll move the chains.

Now Blake Corum checks into the game for his first snap, and rushes for 5. J.J. McCarthy pulls it from the back on second down and reaches the Ohio State 48 with a gain of 6.

Corum rushes for 3, but the second-down pass goes for no gain. It's third-and-7 to end the first quarter.

END 1ST: Michigan 7, Ohio State 3

McNamara''s throw is rushed and heads straight for the turf, as he's hit when he throws.

Brad Robbins' punt is fielded with a fair catch at the 3, but a Michigan defender crashes into Jaxon Smith-Njigba, and that'll be a personal foul that puts the ball at the 18.

Michigan 7, Ohio State 3 (14:48 2nd)

Ohio State chips into Michigan lead with FG

Ohio State takes over at its own 22 after the interception. The Buckeyes trail, 7-0, with 8:44 left in the first.

A quick run and pass makes it first-and-10 at the 34, where C.J. Stroud hits Chris Olave for a gain of 9. TreVeyon Henderson moves the chains with a 2-yard run, then reaches the Michigan 21 with a 28-yard run just two plays later. It's first-and-10.

Two carries for Miyan Williams gain 16, and it's first-and-goal at the 5.

It's third-and-goal after a 2-yard run by Williams and incompletion from Stroud. A false start makes it third-and-goal from the 8.

Aidan Hutchinson comes up huge for Michigan, sacking Stroud for a loss of 6 to the 14, where it'll be fourth down.

Noah Ruggles makes the 31-yard field goal.

Michigan 7, Ohio State 3 (3:36 1st)

Michigan turns ball over in red zone after stop

Ohio State allows the ball to bounce on the kickoff before fielding it with a fair catch, which means the Buckeyes will take over at their own 4.

C.J. Stroud fumbles the snap on first down, but falls on it for a gain of 1. His next pass is high, and he's drilled while letting go of it. Stroud has Aidan Hutchinson creeping in on third down and is forced to throw it away. What a start for the Michigan defense.

A.J. Henning returns the punt to Ohio State's 39-yard-line.

Michigan 7, Ohio State 0 (9:25 1st)

On the first play of Michigan's drive, Cade McNamara hits Roman Wilson up the sideline for a pickup of 24 to the Ohio State 15.

And then McNamara throws an interception. It's returned to the Ohio State 22.

Michigan 7, Ohio S

Michigan races out to 7-0 lead

Ohio State has won the toss and elects to defer to the second half. Michigan takes over at the 25.

Hassan Haskins runs for a short gain then catches a pass for a gain of 5 to bring up third-and-2. Haskins runs over an Ohio State defender on his way to a 16-yard gain that puts Michigan at its own 49-yard-line.

Then a false start makes it first-and-15. An 8-yard run by Donovan Edwards and 6-yard pass to Luke Schoonmaker brings up third-and-1, where Haskins moves the chains with a 1-yard gain. It's first-and-10 at the 40.

A.J. Henning catches a swing pass on second-and-10 and races to the Ohio State 31 for a gain of 9 to bring up third-and-1. 

Timeout #1 Michigan (10:53 1st)

Haskins hits the hole hard and carries multiple Ohio State defenders to the 14, where he goes down to bring up first-and-10 for the Wolverines.

A.J. Henning takes a play-action end-around on the next play and dashes to the end zone for a Michigan touchdown to put the Wolverines on top.

Michigan 7, Ohio State 0 (10:12 1st)


It comes down to this.

Michigan plays host to Ohio State on Saturday, with an opportunity to exorcise some demons. Namely, an eight-game losing streak to the Buckeyes, and landing its first berth in the Big Ten Championship Game. And, potentially, a spot in the College Football Playoff, which also would be a program first.

For the Wolverines (10-1, 7-1), it'll be a tall task. Ohio State boasts a prolific offense that leads the country in yards per game (559.9) and scoring (47.2) and is powered by a Heisman hopeful in quarterback C.J. Stroud and a stable of top-flight receivers.

Michigan counters with a defense that ranks in the top 10 nationally in fewest yards per game (306.6, ninth) and points allowed (16-3, seventh).

Ohio State at Michigan

Kickoff: Noon Saturday, Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor

TV/radio: Fox/950

Line: Ohio State by 7½

Records: No. 2 Ohio State 10-1 (8-0 Big Ten); No. 5 Michigan 10-1 (7-1)

Series: Michigan leads 58-51-6 (Last: Nov. 29, 2019 — Ohio State 56, (at) Michigan 27)