Did Harbaugh fire back on Swenson recruitment?

The Detroit News
Jim Harbaugh

It would not be a stretch to think that Jim Harbaugh’s tweet on Thursday night was a veiled response to the criticism he is taking over the Erik Swenson situation.

Harbaugh wrote: “’They said’ artificial sweeteners were safe, WMDs were in Iraq and Anna Nicole married for love … ‘They said.’”

It’s a line from the 2007 movie “Shooter,” and could be easily translated to: “You don’t know the whole story about Erik Swenson’s recruitment.”

College coaches are not allowed to speak publicly about recruits.

Erik Swenson's coach saw 'red flags' with Michigan

Swenson, a four-star offensive lineman from Downers Grove, Illinois, was the first player to commit to Michigan’s 2016 recruiting class. He committed in 2013, when Brady Hoke was Michigan’s coach.

Earlier this week, however, Swenson announced his decommitment, though it soon became clear he would have preferred to remain in Michigan’s class but was no longer welcome by Harbaugh and his staff.

“He never wavered when Coach Hoke was fired,” Mark Molinari, Swenson’s coach at Downers Grove South High, told The Detroit News. “You feel bad for a kid who held his end up and now is left out in the dark.”