Nuns, priests put fear of God in Beilein over Twitter

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
John Beilein

Ann Arbor -- How long does it take a Division I coach to send out a tweet, a whole 140 characters or less? Longer than you might think.

Michigan’s John Beilein even admitted he does drafts, revisions, etc., scared to death of making a spelling error or the like. What would folks think of that?

"I'm worried about one grammatical error, which the nuns and priests would be mad at me for, 30 years, 40 years later, or I'm just gonna say something stupid,” Beilein said. “So I've gotta look it over and look it over and look it over. I wish I could be like some people and send out more."

Slam dunks

Michigan, despite its pretty good surge, received just one vote in this week's Associated Press poll.

Perfect, Beilein said.

"We love it," he said. "Just let us do our business right now."

... Mark Donnal's 24 offensive rebounds are second in the Big Ten, to the 31 of Michigan State's Matt Costello.

"He is just working his tail off for the dirty rebounds, the ball that nobody else can get," Beilein said. "That's really been the biggest thing."

... Caris LeVert is swimming for rehab now, and Derrick Walton Jr. sympathizes, because he had to do that last year.

Breaststroke? Backstroke? Butterfly?

"At this point," Walton said, laughing, "it's trying to not go under for too long."

Beilein has timeline for LeVert return but isn�t talking