Weaver on UM: ‘No anger, just disappointment’

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Rashad Weaver

Rashad Weaver, who on Monday night announced via social media he didn’t want to be Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s “Plan B” recruit, harbors no resentment toward Harbaugh or Michigan.

Weaver, a 6-foot-5, 255-pound defensive end/tight end from Cooper City High in south Florida who committed to Michigan last June after attending one of Harbaugh’s satellite camps in Florida, is no longer in the Wolverines’ 2016 freshman class.

He considered himself a “Plan B” when Harbaugh told him there’s a 50-50 chance there would be no room for him on UM’s roster on National Signing Day, which is Feb. 3. Weaver also said Harbaugh offered him a preferred walk-on spot or suggested going to prep school for a year.

“There’s no anger, just disappointment,” Weaver told The Detroit News on Tuesday. “There’s no reason to be angry; I know how it works.

“A lot of high school kids wish they had this stress right now.”

No one from Michigan can comment regarding recruits until signing day.

Since Weaver revealed his decommitment, a number of offers have come in, including Penn State, Hawaii, Iowa State, UCF, Kansas and Toledo.

“There was a ton of interest yesterday and today -- it’s been crazy,” Cooper City coach Brandon Walker told The Detroit News on Tuesday. “He’s a phenomenal kid, a phenomenal student, and he’s a phenomenal player. One team’s loss is another one’s gain.”

Weaver said Harbaugh first told him 11 days ago about the options that Michigan would offer, and then the 18-year-old called Harbaugh three days ago to double-check. Meanwhile, Weaver took an official visit to Temple on Jan. 15. His only visit to Michigan was an unofficial last August.

“He said, ‘I just can’t say now. I think there’s a high chance there’s room for a scholarship, but it’s 50-50,’” Weaver, who plans to take a pre-med curriculum and become a doctor, said of his conversation with Harbaugh. “I would rather him tell me, ‘No, I can’t do anything for you,’ than, ‘It’s 50-50 and I can’t tell you until signing day,’ when I’m sure he’s waiting for a kid to sit at a table and pick a hat.

Weaver decommits from UM: �I am not a plan B player�

“I really felt like the second option, but I was going to go ahead and go with it and wait until signing day. But what really did it -- he was in Miami and he didn’t come for a home visit. He was at Flanagan (High), and he was in Miami and he never saw me. But I’m not angry at him.”

That’s the other message Weaver sent out Monday night on Twitter after announcing his decommitment, then reading negative commentary about Harbaugh. He wrote that “Harbaugh is not garbage or trash like u guys are calling him.”

Walker, who said he had never spoken to any of the Michigan coaches, said he and Weaver have talked extensively about what happened with his recruitment by Michigan, and they found the silver lining.

“Initially, he was disappointed,” Walker said. “Going to Michigan would be a dream for a lot of players. He had been a firm commitment to them, telling all the other schools where he was going. He was hanging on, hanging on, hanging on, and Monday he was finally, ‘I’ve had enough, let’s just cut it off and move forward.’

“It was tough for him, but I told him, ‘Shad, you committed to a school like Michigan -- would all these other schools be interested as much if you hadn’t been committed?’ It’s a double-edge sword. He’s going to find a great home, and Michigan is going to find all their players.”

Weaver is the fourth player in the last week to leave Michigan’s upcoming freshman class. Offensive lineman Erik Swenson's decommitment last week stirred major controversy when he said UM pulled his offer. Running back Kiante Enis and cornerback Antwaine Richardson also decommitted. Richardson announced Tuesday he committed to Maryland.

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