Harbaugh makes peace with Colin Cowherd

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News

The last time Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and national radio personality Colin Cowherd spoke, it was an awkward telephone radio interview that ended with Cowherd cutting things off.

That radio interview — Harbaugh spoke to him by phone — last July 1 became much discussed nationally.

And on Friday, the two appeared to make up.

Harbaugh, who made the rounds of national radio and television shows while he promotes Colgate’s water-conservation initiative at the Super Bowl, stopped in on Cowherd’s show, and it was Cowherd who eventually brought up the elephant in the room.

“By the way, have you ever had a player have a bad game, because I had a really bad interview with you,” Cowherd said. “I stunk. I was terrible. I was just lousy.”

Harbaugh: “I would say we both had fingerprints on that.”

Cowherd: “I’ve never done this on the air — I stunk.”

Harbaugh: “No you didn't You’re too hard on yourself. I had 50 percent of those fingerprints, as well. But now we’re connecting. That was over the phone, and now we’re in person, we’re connecting.”

Cowherd said when people see Harbaugh, some think he’s simply intense.

“You don’t bite,” Harbaugh said of himself. “People see you during a game. It’s a competitive situation. A lot of times see you if a coach thinks a call went against them and then you’re hollering at the officials, they think you’re an angry person. I’m not angry.

“The other times you see in a press conference where you’re understanding that a reporter's job is to get information, sometimes divide, sometimes separate, see if they can create a controversial situation and then again you’re fighting. You’re fighting for your team, you’re fighting to keep it together.

So, yeah, it’s nice to connect with people in person and let them make their own judgment after they get to know you a little bit.”

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and Colin Cowherd talk in person on "The Herd" Friday ahead of the Super Bowl.