Harbaugh plays for laughs on 'Dan Patrick Show'

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Jim Harbaugh motivates Patrick O'Connor before  the "Dan Patrick Show" assistant puts his face into a pie.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh had a couple of humorous moments Friday morning on the “Dan Patrick Show” which is syndicated nationally on radio and also appears on NBC Sports. 

Harbaugh, making the rounds while in San Francisco promoting Colgate’s water-conservation initiative that will be featured during the Super Bowl commercials, was asked by show host Dan Patrick to help coach one of the show’s employees, Patrick “Seton” O'Connor to shove his face in a pie “for the good of the team.”

With O’Connor standing above the pie, Harbaugh leaned in and asked if he knew about legendary Bears coach George Halas.

“George Halas said everything begins and ends with team,” Harbaugh, in coaching mode, said. “Now, Dan said he wants you to put this pie on your face for the good of the team, so what are we talking about here, right?

“Now, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to put that pie on your face better than anybody has ever put a pie on their face before.”

The show erupted in laughter and O’Connor did, indeed, follow through.

Earlier in the show, Patrick handed Harbaugh a sheet of paper with some of the actual draft-profile comments that were written about Harbaugh when he was coming out of Michigan as a quarterback. Harbaugh was asked to read the comments.

“Jim Harbaugh is well-coached, a winner, hard-nosed, he’s intelligent, a coach’s son,” Harbaugh read. “Harbaugh’s not a finished product. Will take time to be a starter. Strong arm. Lacks ideal mobility. Will rely on intellect more than talent. Has to be in the right situation. Exceptional ability at reading situations and spotting secondary receivers.”

“That’s not bad,” Patrick said to him.

“Not bad at all!” Harbaugh said enthusiastically. “Whoever the scout was, he’s got great taste. Strong arm, I really haven’t heard that one too much. I’ll take it.”

Harbaugh asked to take the comments with him.

“I’m flattered,” he said.