Detroit — Former Michigan receiver Braylon Edwards wore No. 1 later in his career, and after college established a scholarship endowment for any player who would wear the jersey.

Edwards has a say in who that player might be but said he trusts Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s selection, whoever that might be. A locker room video recently surfaced indicating incoming four-star receiver Dylan Crawford will be wearing the No. 1 jersey.

“Basically it’s still under scholarship and whoever wears No. 1 goes through the scholarship foundation,” Edwards said Monday night at Detroit Cass Tech, where he and former Fab Five member Jimmy King were part of Michigan’s Youth Impact Program draft. “With that being said, I actually have talked to coach on a couple occasions and whatever he sees fit, I’m going to support his decision.

“I definitely think he understands the value of No. 1 and knows the pressure that you put on the kid that’s going to wear that jersey. I’m confident he will make the right decision and whoever he chooses to give it to will be deserving of it. And if he chooses not to give it out, that would be the right decision as well.”

Edwards knows about the Crawford locker room video.

“He doesn’t have the jersey for sure right now,” Edwards said. “(Harbaugh) respectfully called me and talked to me asked about the situation and I said, ‘Coach, it’s on you, it’s what you want to do. I trust in you.’ I’ve known him my whole life. I used to go to Ann Arbor with my father in ’85. I’ve known Jim a long time and trust him.”

Now living in the area again, Edwards said he wants to be more involved with Michigan football. He said playing in the NFL and the lean Michigan seasons before Harbaugh arrived kept him disengaged with the program.

“Between going from team to team, I wasn’t in this area and then we had a couple eras it wasn’t fun to watch, so I stayed away,” Edwards said. “Now that I’m back, now that I know what it means to be a Michigan alum and to see that winged helmet and be involved, I definitely want to be involved with some facets.

“I’m going to talk to coach Harbaugh and see if there’s anything I can do … player development sort of thing, academic advising, see what my niche could be. I definitely want to be involved somehow, someway.”

Edwards played for Harbaugh in 2011 in San Francisco and said he’s ideal to coach his alma mater.

“I know him well,” Edwards said. “Coach loves football. Whenever you have a guy that wants to win, he has to love football. He loves football. He’s dedicating all his time, energy and effort to winning. He knows and understands the culture that is UM. He understands the colors, he understands the winged helmet, he understands the Big Ten, he understands the toughness and the tenacity that comes with the Big Ten playing for Bo (Schembechler).

“He’s a good leader of young men. These kids look up to him. I think he’s fun, I think he’s tough, I think he balances it all. He’s not just super tough, and he’s not just super fun. You can’t have a super fun coach who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. So he’s fun, he’s tough, he’s serious, he’s dedicated, he’s focused. You put that together, you have the season we had last year when nobody expected us to win more than six games.”

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