Report: Jim, Sarah Harbaugh expecting another child

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Jim Harbaugh, right, and his wife Sarah are expecting their fourth child.

There’s a new Harbaugh coming soon to Ann Arbor.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh revealed to campers at UM Monday morning that he and wife, Sarah, are expecting, according to a report by Matt Pargoff of

He mentioned the news at the close of camp and put a spin on his favorite quote saying they’re “attacking this pregnancy with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind,” Pargoff wrote on Twitter.

The couple have three children, Addison, Katherine and Jack, and Harbaugh has three children from a previous marriage, Jay, James Jr. and Grace.

Last Saturday, the day before Father’s Day, Harbaugh, 52, spoke to Michigan’s Big Man camp participants and had them repeatedly offer applause for their fathers.

Later he spoke to reporters about the virtues of being a father.

“There’s nothing I’d rather be defined as than as a dad,” Harbaugh said. “People define us men in a lot of ways, a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, a construction worker, a teacher, a coach, but being called a dad is the defining moment.”

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Sarah Harbaugh told The News last month her children love living in Ann Arbor and that she doesn’t want to share a lot of the limelight with her husband so she can be with the kids.

“The more normal my kids feel, which means having us around, is really important,” she said. “I feel if I were gone doing everything I could be doing, they would feel there’s something more important to us than them. In the end, it’s about family. I think that’s the most important thing.

“With the children, they’re so excited now, more so than anyplace we’ve been, being here with this program. They love being able to go to work with Jim at the football office and going to the games, so they get that great side of it, but I’m trying to make it middle ground. I try to make them realize they’re no different than anyone else in the community, and they haven’t acted like they’re any different.”

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